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Erin Angel has been on the scene for over a decade wrestling in promotions such as Bellatrix and WrestleForce.

You were trained by the late Drew McDonald, Doug Williams, Jace The Ace and Jonny Storm. That’s quite the combination of styles, how did you find training with all the different trainers and all the different styles?

I was really lucky to get the training I did and learn from such talented UK wrestlers. Like you said, their wrestling styles are all very different and I think that really helped me to find my own style within the ring.

Your debut was at the age of 16 in a battle royal, was that a nerve racking experience for your first time?

Yes I was!! It was a rumble…I was definitely in there just to make up the numbers but obviously, to me, it was a massive deal at the time.

How would you describe your gimmick and how did you come up with the idea?

My name was given to me on my first year doing the camps and it just stuck. I wanted to keep my real name and add a second name to describe me! Angel fits…well, most of the time!

Some of the highlights in your career have been wrestling against UK female veteran Klondyke Kate and being a valet for wrestling legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, how were those experiences for you?

Wrestling Klondyke Kate is one of my career highlights, I gained so much from working with her over the years, she probably ‘trained me’ more than any of the wrestlers in question 1, just by being out there in front of the crowds with her! Jake Roberts was in the UK for a few years and over that time I was able to train, work and tour with him! He has an amazing mind for the business and I learnt a lot from him too!

One of your opponents in the past has been Saraya Knight, who is considered the queen of British wrestling, how was it being in the ring with such a legend?

She certainly is a legend! I have so much love and respect for Sweet Saraya and the whole family. I have known them all since I first started out in this business and you couldn’t meet people that love this business more. Wrestling them and working for Bellatrix is awesome!

In your career you’ve worked for many promotions such as All Star Wrestling, Bellatrix, SWE and ICW. Is there a match you’ve been most proud of or memorable?

I absolutely love working for all the companies you listed there and more! I could literally name hundreds of ‘moments in wrestling’, I think that’s why I love it so much! I’ll go soppy; one of them is when my Granddad (who didn’t leave the house for anything), came to a show in Southampton run by All-Star Wrestling and watched me!

Out of the belts you’ve held, which include the Bellatrix British Championship, RQW European Women’s Championship and the WrestleForce Women’s Championship. Which one holds the most cache for you?

Well, when I talk about the ‘moments in wrestling’, winning all these have been within those moments. I literally couldn’t say, when you win a Championship, it’s the best feeling in the world!

There is a wealth of top quality UK female grapplers on the scene these days, is it a contrast to when you started out?

Yes, when I started there was only a few of us on the circuit and as you said, now there’s a great amount of females in Britain, which is fantastic! We now have all female shows and everything!

Is there anyone currently on the scene that has impressed you and is there anyone we should be keeping an eye out for?

I don’t play favourites! She’s not new but more back on the scene is Sammi Baynes. She is definitely one to be watching. She doesn’t always play by the rules but is a great competitor and always brings it to every show!

Women’s wrestling is often looked down upon in comparison to the men, do you think times are changing and the fans are more accepting?

Like I said earlier, there are many all female shows on in the UK and they hold their own with good audience attendance and great atmosphere, so yes, I do. People will come, watch and have a fantastic night’s entertainment. I always get great feedback from the fans!

Is there anything else you’d like to say, odd or plug?

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