Dick Justice Interview

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Dick Justice is the Big Boss Man (with a twist) of this generation and he patrols the streets to make sure JUSTICE GETS SERVED!

For the folks who haven’t heard of you, could you describe yourself?

I’m a man who loves his country, life, liberty and freedom. Cop on weekdays and Supercop on the weekend.

You trained at UPW, how did you find the training there and who trained you?

I was going to local shows put on by UPW (then NWA Upstate) and saw a flyer for their school. I waited until the end of my junior year of high school then went up there and put pen to paper…with my parent’s permission.

When you started out, you weren’t the character we know now, what were you known as before?

I was “Superbad” Richard Venice. A juke jivin’ son of a gun! It didn’t feel natural though but helped me learn the basics.

Currently, you can be seen as part of Team Tremendous, how did that come about?And how do you rate the others within the group?

Bill and Dan are fantastic dudes, tremendous if you will (pun intended). They needed backup putting the Beaver Boys behind bars, so they called me in. We crossed paths before and became pals. Now I’m there for backup whenever they need it.

Recently you faced Grado, who in the UK, is a cult figure, how was that experience?

Grado is incredible. I was a big fan of his before he came over and knew facing him was going to be a lot of fun. Besides the ref shooting me in my stomach with my own finger gun, everything went great!

Do you follow the UK scene at all?

I do, very much so in fact.

From June 24th to July 20th you’re over in the UK for some dates, is there anyone you’re looking forward to facing?

Right now, nothing has been announced as far as opponents go, so I’m just waiting. Who knows, maybe I’ll get my Grado rematch.

AIW, CZW, Beyond Wrestling, 2CW and Alpha 1 have all been home to matches for you, out of the matches you’ve been involved in, which has stood out?

There’s a few actually. My first real big encounter was myself and Colt vs Team Tremendous at Beyond Wrestling. The 6 man table’s match at CZW, which was at the ECW arena. Me and Grado from Alpha-1 is one I’ll never forget. The tag battle royal from the first 2CW IPPV was where I first broke out and of course me and Colt from AIW.

The scene in the US has many talented grapplers, has anyone impressed you that you’ve seen?

It’s better now than ever and I’d be here all day writing a book if I tell you all the guys I think are impressive! Right now I’ll just leave it at John Silver and Buxx Belmar.

What’s your goal for this year and beyond?

I want to spread my name as far as I possibly can. Going to England is going to be a great experience and hopefully this is just the beginning.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Follow @supercopjustice on Twitter, check out www.prowrestlingtees.com/dickjustice for t-shirts, contact me at supercopjustice@gmail.com for bookings and swipe right on Tinder.

Thanks to Dick for answering the questions.

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