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Dean Allmark is a well versed veteran of the UK scene, a mainstay of All Star Wrestling where he is also the head trainer.

You started your wrestling career in Great British Hardcore and were trained by Keith Myatt and Chris Curtis, how was that for a start in the business and what was the training like?

The school was pretty basic; just two small rooms padded with judo mats and no ring. We were taught to shoot wrestle, bump and chain wrestle.

After spending time in GBH, where you captured the tag titles twice, you then moved to Brian Dixon’s All Star Wrestling. What was the reason for the move to All Star?

GBH only ran once or twice a month and All Star ran at least 200 shows a year, so it was defiantly the place to go if you wanted to wrestle on a full time basis. But the final push came when I was fired by GBH for doing a charity show for another company in the Stoke area, which was forbidden. The week after I was fired, I was on the Butlins holiday camps with All Star doing 6 shows in 7 days.

All Star has been your home promotion ever since, what is it about All Star that made you want to stay?

All Star are the only company in the country where it’s possible to earn a living from wrestling that’s the main reason I stay.

In 2004, you worked for TNA as part of their Americas X Cup tournament, where you faced Team AAA. Did you enjoy that experience?

We flew out on 24 hours notice and I wrestled my first match against Essa Rios that day and it didn’t go very well, it was the worst match I’ve ever had, which hit me hard but after spending a week there, I wrestled two further matches which I was pretty happy with. Overall I did enjoy being there and I learned so much from having the worst match I’ve ever had.

Staying on the subject of Mexican wrestling, what do make of the reports that have come about in the wake of the death of Perro Aguayo Jr?

Obviously there’s always a chance of something bad happening when you’re wrestling. I think this was just a very sad, unfortunate, freak accident that was nobody’s fault.

You wrestled a few times for the much fabled FWA, what are your memories of your time in FWA?

I wrestled two matches for FWA when it was All Star vs FWA. My first match was against Jonny Storm and then an 8-man elimination tag which was me, Robbie Dynamite, Robby Brookside and Mark “Five Star Flash” Belton against Hade Vansen, Stevie Knight, Jonny Storm and Spud. I really enjoyed those matches and they are both available on my YouTube channel.

2006 was the year you became head trainer at the All Star Wrestling School, did that validate your career being made head trainer?

It was a great honour to become head trainer at the All Star School and is still something I really enjoy doing to this very day. There’s nothing like training somebody up, watching their progress then taking them on the road with you and watching their dreams coming true. It’s very fulfilling.

In September 2010 you wrestled DG:UK, what was it like seeing the greats of Dragon Gate in the UK?

I was pumped to be called up to represent the UK on that show and truly gave it everything in my match against Stixx, which is still one of my favourite matches to date.

Your first appearance for PCW was against ‘The Bastard’ Dave Mastiff, were you happy with that match and what was your opinion of Mastiff at the time?

I was actually knocked out at the end of that match by a powerbomb from Mastiff! I can’t remember that match or much of that weekend if I’m honest lol.

In your next appearance for PCW, you took part in a 4-way match for the Cruiserweight strap. One of your opponents was Zack Sabre Jr., who has gone on to find fame in Japan. Has he always been the stellar talent he is now?

I’ve wrestled Zack a few times now and yes I think he’s an amazing talent and probably the best UK wrestler on the scene right now.

You took part in SWE’s first Speed King Tournament, how was that experience?

I really enjoyed my match against young Robbie X on that show, it was the first time I’d ever wrestled him and hopefully not the last.

Last year you went to Japan to wrestle Seiki Yoshioka in Wrestle-1 in a title match, which you unfortunately lost. Is going back to the Japan on the cards?

Japan was always a goal for me and I really enjoyed my time there. Hopefully I’ll get to go back there again one day but nothing has been planned as of yet.

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

Just keep on wrestling as much as possible against as many new guys as possible and always giving 110% every time I step through those ropes.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or plug?

My YouTube channel is Twitter is @DeanAllmark and my Facebook fan page is Xtreme Dean Allmark. Thank you.

Thanks to Dean for taking time out to answer the questions.

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