David The Beloved Interview

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Picture Credit: David J Wilson

David The Beloved is a name to watch, a product of the PBW academy, he’s yet another quality grappler from Scotland..

For those of not aware of you, could you describe yourself?

I’m David “The Beloved” Krycek , I’m a Glasgow, Scotland based Wrestler, 6’4, 100kg ex Army, ex basketball player, Father of two and as I like to think, the oldest up and coming new talent on the Scottish scene.

Where did you train and who trained you?

I was trained at the Premier British Wrestling Academy, primarily by Ross Watson, also known as Kid Fite, with a good bit of help from some very talented wrestlers including Kay Lee Ray, Davey Blaze, Scott Maverick, TJ Rage and Stevie Xavier and some good guidance from British Championship Wrestling promoter Graham McKay.

Lately, ICW has been a home to you, what’s the appeal for you wrestling in ICW?

For me, ICW has always represented creative freedom from the norm of family orientated wrestling shows and of course, as the popularity of the promotion grew, the added exposure wrestling in front of the ICW crowd was very attractive, especially as the attendance numbers increased. Most would agree that every wrestler wants to be able to wrestle in front of as many fans as possible.

The Scottish scene is on fire at the moment, with a lot of skilled grapplers and top quality promotions. Why do you think that is?

From my experience, the reason the scene is doing as well as it is right now, is down to the more established talent. Personally, for me, it’s the guys and girls in and around Glasgow and the Central Belt of Scotland that have helped, the quality of shows they put on through the years and the ability they have shown, has not only inspired an ever growing pool of new talent but have also been able to pass on their knowledge through training, being able to work alongside, and seminars etc. All this together has been invaluable.

You’ve only been on the scene for a few years and you’re making a name for yourself. Did you ever see a time where you’d not get your wrestling career going?

As you said, I haven’t been around for very long and with that in mind, I don’t think I’ve been around long enough to have had many doubts, if you start to question yourself after so little time yeah, you probably aren’t cut out for it.

How did you come up with the David The Beloved character?

The character at first was just a name. You know those little key chains you can buy that have the meaning of your name in a different language? Well ‘David’ in Hebrew means ‘Beloved’, simple as that. The task for me after that was trying to figure out who he was, I came up with a few different ideas(which may still appear as the character evolves) before I settled on the idea of a religious character, it seemed to fit the name well.

Is there anyone on the scene you’d be interested in taking on?

There’s so much talent around the UK today, that wherever you go you’ll find quality matchups, I don’t have one particular person in mind, wrestling as many talented people as possible is my aim.

Do you plan on taking bookings down south and making a name for yourself in promotions like IPW-UK, Rev Pro, PCW etc?

I’ve been in contact with a few promotions down South, hopefully more information will soon be available. I’m very keen to work in England, as I spent some time there as a kid, as well of course Wales, N.I and Ireland.

What are your plans and ambitions for the rest of this year?

Work hard, train, learn and hopefully work as much as possible. If you aren’t wrestling, you’re not a wrestler.

Is there anything else you’d like to say or add?

Thank you for your time, for more information about myself and appearances, follow – twitter.com/DavidAKColvin and Facebook- David The Beloved.

Also for information on upcoming PBW shows and training – www.pbwwrestling.com

Thanks to David for taking the time to participate in this interview.

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