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Darius Carter is The Debonair Millionaire of indy wrestling. He’s worked for Beyond Wrestling, CZW, NWA amongst many others.

For the people in the UK, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Darius Carter, often prefixed with “Mister” and I am ‘Wrestling’s Richest Prize’. I consider myself so, in more than just a financial sense; the alias refers to my natural wealth of intelligence, technical prowess, resiliency, agility, the works.
I carry myself with the utmost class inside & outside of the ring, fancying my business-oriented lifestyle and all of the amenities that come with it. In short, I am a Capitalist in a capitalistic world with only the finest of taste.

What prompted you to become involved in wrestling?

I grew up watching wrestling; it is something that has been a part of my life as far as I can recall. I couldn’t tell you a time when I didn’t see myself wanting to be a professional wrestler. The showmanship, the theatre, the world-class athleticism, all of it is what truly lured me in & I have never honestly looked back.

Who trained you and where did you train?

I began my training in November of 2008 with the BWO, BodySlam Wrestling Organization, in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. The venue was featured in an opening scene of “The Wrestler” when Randy “The Ram” faced off against Tommy Rotten; it has since been torn down, sadly, but BWO still runs to this day. I was trained by the school’s head trainer, of course, Richie Rotten, as well as JAPW Hall of Famer, Magic, and Nunzio “Little Guido” Maritato of WWE/ECW fame. I have also had training sessions & seminars with some of wrestling’s elite.

Your first match, do you remember much about it and in hindsight, what’s your opinion on it?

My first match as myself was in April of 2009 versus Cletus Gambino in Tamaqua, PA for EGW, Elite Generation Wrestling. Fortunately, the match seems to be unfounded within the YouTube archives; it’s not that it was bad; so much as it was a first-time wrestling match. My attire & overall look preceded the beginning stages of what would truly be my development as a wrestler, so let us leave it there. It was a decent enough time, though, and wasn’t nearly as horrid as it could have been.

Many of your matches have been for Beyond Wrestling, what’s the appeal of working that promotion?

The appeal comes from its original design of being a promotion where you show up to play, in a locker room full of people looking to play even better than you and would let your work in the ring tell the story. It was an egoless environment where, though all were competing to prove their worth above the rest, we still supported each other in elevating the brand itself to the next level.
The Point System in particular was a simple, yet brilliant concept that gave every match meaning, as it tested the mettle of the competitors to see just how badly each wanted to establish themselves as “the best”. Beyond Wrestling has all-around fantastic origins.

You’ve also worked for NWA On Fire, is working for the NWA something you’d like to do more of?

Absolutely. My work with NWA & the Savoldi’s were an excellent period of my career that provided me the opportunity to travel up & down the Eastern coast, from Maine to West Virginia & beyond. To have grown up idolizing the old-school style of wrestling and to be able to say that I’ve competed under the same brand name as some of the greatest athletes that professional wrestling has ever known, is a pure honour & privilege in its own right.
I doubt if I could ever deny working for a legitimate NWA branch, as I have never had a negative time working with them & it simply adds value to your name with each outing.

Do you plan on branching out to other promotions like AIW, ROH, AAW, CZW etc?

Undoubtedly. But, like any “meeting of the minds”, both sides must come to terms to lead to a proper debut. Obviously, I want to expand my reach as far as I can, but I also want to ensure the places are of true quality & will value what I can, and will, bring to the table as a competitor.
Not every promotion out there sees you & even less tend to authentically give you a chance if they do; that is where just going out & doing your very finest at the places you already work at is a priority. Wrestle as often as you can & make it known when/where your followers can see you. Let it spread organically. That is where I am at this point in time.

What is your opinion on the Kimber Lee vs Chris Dickinson match that happened at King Of Arts in January?

It was a ‘No Disqualification Match’ between a man & a woman: simple as that. You see him and then you see her: what did you expect? I can’t say I understand what the commotion is about but that is just me. She strikes him with a chair; he strikes her back with a chair & tosses her across the ring. Entertaining, sure but revolutionary? Cataclysmic? That is for the fans to individually decide in their minds.

Your gimmick is that of “The Debonair Millionaire”, how did you come up with that and is it based on anyone?

The “Debonair Millionaire” mantra is based off of who I am in real-life with some added zest, which stems from my aforementioned love of theatre & showmanship. In my everyday life, I am a well-dressed, well-heeled & well-mannered individual; I pride myself on my expansive education & on what I feel is the greatest, yet most underutilized gift we as humans have: the mind.

Too many simply act without the thoughts of repercussions or what the act can genuinely lead to; I am of a different breed, and I couldn’t be happier to be so.
Of course, I have had my influences: my primary sources of inspiration were, and still are, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair & William Regal. From their wrestling pedigree to the sheer class that both displayed in every aspect of this profession, there is nothing to not love about such gentleman. I pull aspects from an abundance of sources, but the core has & always will be Darius Carter.

Tag team wrestling is something you’re no stranger to, being one of Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous and Crusade For Change, both with TJ Marconi. What’s the appeal of working as a duo?

Yes indeed, there is a book-worthy amount of history between us but, it is that history that creates the appeal of being in a Tag Team. Initially, I never found myself interested in teaming up with someone & being known as a Tag Team competitor in any sense; in time, though, you mature & realize the compliments of being a truly valuable competitor in such a division. The amount of awareness, savvy & overall expertise you need to be a strong Tag Team wrestler is tremendous, and it honestly helped to expand my game even more. Whereas before, I was a dangerous man in my own right that didn’t seem to play well with others, now, I am regarded as a dangerous man ¬all-around that can find comfort in ANY situation.
Ultimately, that is what you want to be, and I am proud to say I am far better off now because of my Tag Team experience.

During your career, you’ve faced the likes of Green Ant, ACH, Drew Gulak, Usurper, Sugar Dunkerton and Matt Tremont. Has there been a match so far that sticks out in your mind?

It is immensely difficult to choose just one, because each is so vastly different. Sure, my bouts with Drew Gulak & Green Ant were the raw, technical affairs you’ve come to expect from me but then you place that match against my match with ACH, which was a sheer clash of two dynamic styles, and then place THAT against my match with Matt Tremont, which was what I like to call a battle of “Brains vs Brawl” and each stand out in their own distinct way.
There are also matches against men like Sugar Dunkerton, which was a fine hybrid in terms of brawling, striking & pure wrestling and men like Usurper, where we’re both just giving everything we have in all aspects to counter the opponent who seems to hail from a different sector of the planet.
Again, you end up with gems, each of different, yet vibrant colours. All have value, simply in contrasting ways.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

My plan is to simply continue looking out for myself & ensuring that I propel as I deserve. Promoters are getting to know even more about me with my body of work being presented, and it is simply a matter of, again, meeting minds & putting appearances together.
I truly believe & know that I have a great deal to contribute to ANY promotion; it is a matter of a) what the promotion is aiming to sell & b) where I fit in the grand scheme. Until then, as I stated, I will continue shining in the locales I currently compete at & let that be my guiding wind.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

You may find me on Facebook & Twitter (www.facebook.com/MrDariusCarter , www.twitter.com/MrDariusCarter), which are the two main social networks I utilize. I have a myriad of upcoming appearances that I promote on each and being a man of business, I do my finest to make myself as available as possible.

I will say that I am in no way a “run-of-the-mill” individual; I am unique, naturally commanding & filled to the brim with passion for what I do. My devotion can be trying to some – many, even but it is what ultimately makes me different & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am proud to be me and will one day, be an individual that people all around the world will know. I have a set destination in mind but that doesn’t mean the ride is to not be enjoyed; utilize my social media to follow me on my marvellous expedition.

Thanks to Darius for participating in the interview.

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