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Dara Diablo was one half of the Los Amigos tag team with El Ligero, who were the first ever NGW Tag Team Champions.

For those people who don’t know who you are, could you describe yourself?

My name is Dara Diablo, a wrestler based in Hull, who trained under the tutelage of El ligero; a man I have had the pleasure of tagging with for the past few years. I have been wrestling for around 8 years around the country. Principally wrestling the last few years as a Mexican influenced loudmouth character. In recent months Diablo has taken a somewhat darker turn, more akin to his namesake.

You began your training at NBW (which went on to become HOP), under Stixx. What lead you to that school in particular?

I did start training with Stixx down in the NBW days. It was kind of luck really, I was living in Nottingham where I met a friend who introduced me to British wrestling as a “thing”. After one drunken night, we looked online to see if we could train to become wrestlers and found the NBW school. My mate told me Stixx was a good wrestler and we went down to check it out. I was very lucky as at that stage, there were 101 very shady training schools run, by even shadier “wrestlers” but I lucked out, to start learning at one of the best schools in the country.

In your debut, you participated in a tag match against Adrenaline, BB Steele and Jay Beaver. What are your memories of that match?

Ah yes, that match I believe is on YouTube. Me and a tag team called Killer Instinct. I remember thinking it wasn’t that bad, obviously due to my inexperience, my role was limited in the match but what I did was ok. I do remember my generic eBay tights, kick pads, boxing boots and extensive gut at the time not being so great though ha ha! Also, that show was home to the infamous Wragby Rumble, in which we wrestled in front of nearly fifty people ha ha!

NGW is pretty much your home promotion, what’s the appeal of wrestling for them?

There are many great things about working for NGW, other than being one of the most professionally run promotions in the country, the storylines are well thought out and the execution of storylines and angles are agonised over endlessly. The production values are leagues ahead of any competitors, which allowed us to put the product on TV both locally and naturally. One of the key things I like about NGW is, also how they rely on home talent drawing up to 1000 fans without having to resort to bringing in a load of imported talent, that belief in the British talent is very encouraging.

El Ligero is a mainstay of the UK scene, someone you’ve teamed with and faced more than once, what’s it like to work with one of most highly regarded workers in the UK?

Ligero is one of the best workers in the country without doubt, it is always a pleasure working with him or against him; he brings out the best in whoever he works with. His knowledge of wrestling is unmatched and he’s a nice bloke and I’m glad to call him a friend.

Tidal is a promotion where you show off more of an adult side to your character, do you find it more liberating being able to let it all out so to speak?

Aye, I do enjoy working more adult shows, as it allows you to let loose a little bit. I don’t agree that all shows should be adult themed, as most wrestling fans are children but when you do one, it is almost always a blast……but that’s only because I am hilarious and people laugh at my shtick.

Recently in Tidal you had a “onesie” match with JD Boom, could you explain that idea came to fruition?

That was all the promoters’ idea, he wanted to do an “Xmas onesie match”, where we would try to get into a Father Christmas onesie, luckily the promoter saw a dinosaur one and bought that instead! I agreed foolishly months in advance, thinking yeah that would be fine but as they day rolled around, I thought to myself “what the fuck is this”. It seemed to come off well and a few people have mentioned it positively, so it can’t have been the train wreck I thought it could have been!

Is there anyone talent on the UK scene you would like to take on?

I’m still eager to face Rampage Brown one on one, I have faced him in tags and multi man matches but never a singles and he’s one of the best in the country, if not the world. There are a few others I would like to face, Wild boar, Jamie Ahmed, Bubblegum, Stixx the list goes on.

Are there any prospects we should be looking out for in your opinion?

I don’t know if he still counts as a prospect but Sam Wilder, along with his tag partner Caz Crash as The Proven are an amazing tag team and I think people are starting to pick up on this. Also Liam Lazarus, Sean Only and Dan James; three great hard working talents, who are breaking out like a hideous rash over the UK scene (except Liam, he is dreamy).

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

The plan is the same as every year; to try to get ever better, get more exposure and more work around the country!

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

BOOK me people haha!
Email dara20@hotmail.co.uk
Join my Facebook page Dara Diablo
Follow me on Twitter @DaraDiablo
On Instagram @daradiablo
Also, my t-shirts are available now and they look pretty damn good, Shill shill shill!

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