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Dan Barry is one half of the tag team Team Tremendous. They are currently on a tear through the US indy scene.

For the benefit of the people in the UK who may not be aware of you, could you describe yourself?

I’m Dan Barry, ½ of Team Tremendous with Bill Carr. We are a buddy cop tag team here in America. We wrestle for a variety of companies. For the record- I am terrible at describing myself.

How did you get into the business and how did you go about finding a training school?

A girl I dated in High School had a brother (who is no longer in wrestling) who had gone to a wrestling school 15 minutes from me, now named the NYWC Academy. I decided to sign up. So in 2000, my mom signed a waiver allowing me to be a wrestler.

Records state that you made your pro debut in 2003, where you wrestled for USA Xtreme Wrestling. How did that opportunity arise?

My actual first pro match was in 2001 for NYWC. I debuted for USA Pro in 2002 I believe. And it was by selling tickets to get a match. I wasn’t a fan of that. The trick to breaking into wrestling is being willing to eat shit for a few years before someone gives you a chance.

Out of your matches you had in the early years, is there a match that you participated in that sticks out for you?

I had a series of matches with Jay Lethal that I liked. There was a 3 way ladder match with guys named Johnny Ova and Grim Reefer. Honestly, in hindsight, most of those matches were probably awful.

You’re part of a tag team with Bill Carr called Team Tremendous, who put you two together?

Team Tremendous was originally a team with a man named Ken Scampi. When we met Bill, we loved him. He just made us laugh. After Bill was signed to WWE and then subsequently released, Scampi was leaving wrestling and Bill was looking for something to do. After convincing him to do the weird cop gimmick, we became the new and improved Team Tremendous.

Most of the time, you’re the fan favourites, how does that feel to have the fans on your side?

It’s great. It’s unique. We have had some awesome experiences and we hope to continue having them.

Recently, I’ve seen you in CZW and House Of Hardcore, have you enjoyed your time so far in those companies?

House of Hardcore has given us the best wrestling experiences as a team. Walking into the ECW arena in front of people who had no idea who we were and winning them over, is a moment I will never forget.
CZW is letting us be ourselves. We get to have matches with people we like and film vignettes we think are funny.

CZW has some quality tag teams such as oI4K, The Beaver Boys etc. Where do you see yourselves in the pecking order there?

At the bottom, because I want to work hard to make it to the top. If you see yourself on the bottom, it will make you work that much harder.

Last year, a video popped up on YouTube where it seemingly shows you doing a backflip powerslam, onto the floor. How badly were you hurt after that?

I wasn’t. I was perfectly fine, just a mild headache.

In a match with Beyond Wrestling recently, you faced Biff Busick and Drew Gulak in a tag match. What was it like going up against two of the most acclaimed grapplers on the indy circuit?

A dream that I wish turned out better. Both of those guys are class athletes, and unfortunately I was hurt the night before. Had I not been hurt, it would have been very different.

What do you have in store for the rest of the year?

There are rumours and rumblings. We would love to get over to the UK; we would love to have more matches on the West Coast. Who knows? Let’s just live.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or plug?

Follow me on both Twitter and Instagram @thedanbarry. And follow Bill- @wwedutch.

Thanks to Dan for taking time out to do the interview.

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