CHIKARA’s Frightmare Interview

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Frightmare is a star in CHIKARA, if you haven’t seen any CHIKARA, I suggest you track some down! He recently toured the UK on the promotions latest tour of the British Isles and has also competed in EVOLVE.

You were trained by Mike Quakenbush, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli at the Chikara Wrestle Factory. How did you find that experience?

I found that to be an amazing experience! The whole time was wonderful; those three guys are some of the best! Quack is an awesome teacher that shows you literally thousand holds, you learn so much from a guy like Mike. Hero was great as well, that guy been there and done it all. I loved learning strong style from Hero and also a lot of Japan style wrestling, it was awesome! Claudio is one of the best wrestlers I have ever gotten to see in the ring! He knows it all, I loved learning Lucha, Strong Style, he can base for any person in the world! I am very lucky to have been trained by three awesome people that I can call my close friends today.

Your in-ring debut at CHIKARA was against Brodie Lee (the future Luke Harper), looking back now, how was that match?

Wow, it’s hard to remember that match, I got my faced kicked off! It was awesome man, I was still so brand new, so of course I was a little nervous running out there but I had worked with my good buddy Brodie a lot of times, he’s so much fun to work with. He’s a huge dude, that’s an awesome base, he’s the best for big man/little man matches and I thought the matches we have done together were all really fun! I am glad Brodie is doing great in the WWE, he is awesome and always knew he would be kicking people’s faces off on the big screen one day! I’m definitely a Luke Harper fan!!

As part of Incoherence (yourself, Hallowicked and Delirious), you faced The Masters Of A Thousand Holds, among them was UK legend Johnny Saint. What are your memories of that?

It was the King Of Trios weekend in 2009, I can’t forget going into that night, being so excited I was going to work with my boy Johnny Saint, Skayde and Quack! With me still being new, only three months in, this was my biggest match. I knew I had to go out there and make a name for myself and I had my buddies Hallowicked and Delirious backing me up, which I have to say ,are two other of the best wrestlers I have ever gotten the chance to work with, they both have taught me so much! Being in there with Johnny Saint was unreal, dude! He’s awesome, you ran in and he just did magic, he would put you in some holds and I am just thinking to myself “how the hell is he doing this?”. He’s so talented and a legend, I was so lucky to get the chance to work with him!

CHIKARA has been home to many future stars, in your opinion, what’s the appeal of CHIKARA?

CHIKARA makes stars! The appeal is that it’s just so fun to be a part of this company. It is a huge family and you will never go into a locker room like this, it’s just awesome! I just know CHIKARA will keep pumping out stars and it’s the best choice I have ever made, to be a part of such an awesome company!

When the company went on its brief hiatus, was there panic around the locker room as to what happens next?

Was there a little panic? Of course but we all fought to bring Chikara back, because it’s our home! I knew we were going to be back and better than ever!

Since coming back, CHIKARA have held quite a few events, are you enjoying it as much as you were before?

Of course, I love looking at my calendar and seeing I got a CHIKARA show coming up this weekend! It’s always a blast to work there man, I’m just very grateful to be a part of this company and seeing were we go next!

EVOLVE has been home for a couple of matches for you, how did the non-CHIKARA fans react to you?

EVOLVE was a lot of fun, I’ve been in a lot of different locker rooms before this one, half the time I was with a lot of my CHIKARA guys! The fans were great there too, I had a lot of good matches as well and the fans enjoyed me running around being crazy!

Are there any wrestlers coming up in the Wrestle Factory we should keep our eye out for?

Of course, you’ve definitely got to keep your eyes open; so many new talents are coming. I know a lot of people have already got to see Juan Francisco de Coronado, I think is really shining now, he’s great at promos and he’s a blast to work with, so much talent from him, he’s crazy hard worker as well! You’ve got to keep your eyes open this year!

Is there any particular wrestler you’d like to grapple with that you’ve not had the chance to yet?

That’s a really good question, there are so many but I definitely have to go with Dragon Kid; he’s a guy that I always loved watching before I started and as you see, I get a lot of my style from him. One day it’s gonna happen! But yeah, there are so many wrestlers who I would love to grapple with but I really have been blessed to work with the amazing people I have got to work with so far!

In 2015 where else can we see you perform?

There are always a lot of crazy places I go and wrestle for! I have to check my calendar to see where I am going to be next!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to say, thank you very much. I hope I gave you a good interview, I had fun! Definitely keep your eyes peeled to where I am going to be next! And thank you to all my fans for everything, I love them all!

Thanks to Frightmare for taking time to take part in this interview.

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