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Cherry Layne works on the indy scene in the States, appearing for WSU,PWS, NWA and many more. Cherry wants to tour the UK in the future, so she’s a name to look out for!

For the people in the UK who aren’t familiar with you, could you please introduce yourself?

I am ‘The Derby Doll’ Cherry Layne. I’m originally from Queens, New York and now residing in Orlando, Florida. I decided to trade in my roller derby skates for a pair of wrestling boots. What can I say, I love violent sports. I am a unique brand of female. I maybe not perfect but I am true to myself. I work hard for my love of wrestling in and out of the ring! I want the females of the world to love themselves no matter what form you come in.

You were trained by FIP stars Aaron Epic and Chasyn Rance and Mike Reed. What was it like being trained by those guys, who have different styles and methods?

I’m very lucky in the sense that I have had well rounded training. All of the guys have such different styles. Where one is amazing with conditioning and submissions, the other is amazing at showing you what spots will make sense and what looks good on TV. The 3rd is amazing with promos and the old school way of things.

What are your memories of your first pro match and who was it against?

My first match was for a promotion in NJ, called ACE Pro Wrestling, against a girl who had never really trained. I ended with a busted lip and black eye.

You’ve had quite a few matches with the current NWA Women’s Champion, Santana Garrett. What were you’re experiences like wrestling her?

I love Santana!! I have learned so much from her in and out of the ring, when it comes to wrestling. I am very grateful for her as a friend as well. Working with her, she has made me step up my game.

In 2013, you spent some time in WSU, where you faced the likes of Shanna, Taeler Henrdix, Barbi Hayden, Sassy Stephanie and Nevaeh amongst others. What was it like being alongside some of the best female talents in the business?

I really didn’t get a chance to really face them one on one, except for Sassy Stephanie. But working with her made me better. I would love to face them all, they are all amazing talents in their own rights and styles. I felt lucky to be a part of WSU for that.

Is competing for Shimmer and Shine something that you would like to do in the future?

Working for Shine and Shimmer are my goals, honestly, they are the promotions that have been the reasons why I have been going so hard training and fitness wise. I want to prove myself and that I deserve my spot.

The UK scene is booming at the moment, with a vast array of talented female grapplers, is touring the UK something that you’d consider?

I would love to tour the UK; in fact, I would love to live/train there for a month if I could with Saraya Knight. I love the UK style of wrestling, it’s my favourite.

Also, the women’s scene in Japan is often scene as the Mecca of women’s wrestling, with promotions such as Ice Ribbon, REINA, Stardom, JWP and others. Could you see yourself over there like many other Western talents?

Definitely!! That would rock; I actually watch a lot of Kana’s matches.

What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

Growing more in my talent and showing the wrestling world, who Cherry Layne really is!

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Facebook: Cherry Layne
Twitter: @laneycherry
Instagram: cherrylaney

Thanks to everyone for reading this! You Rock!

Thanks to Cherry for taking part in this interview.

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