Brittany Wonder Interview

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‘Ultra Girl’ Brittany Wonder is a member of the Hoodslam roster and is currently making a name for herself on the scene in California.

For the people in the UK, could you please introduce yourself?

I am the sovereign super heroine of California, the uncrowned queen of Hoodslam, the Mistress of the ARSE-nal Ultra Girl Brittany Wonder.

Could you tell us how you got into wrestling, where you trained and who trained you?

I’ve always loved pro wrestling; I grew up watching it on TV as a kid and could never get enough. I watched WWF/WWE, WCW, ECW and even found CMLL and AAA on Saturdays. When I was 14, I found my first indy flyer, went to a show with my mom and best friend and fell in love. About 6 months later, I found out they had a school and they trained girls free, so I started the next Monday. I trained under ‘Big Ugly’ JD Bishop (who is considered the godfather of the Northern California scene), El Falco Loco, and Bonzai Bruce (now a ref in WWE under his real name, Ryan Tran). After about 9 months, I had to move away and thought I had to give up my dream.

Fast forward to 21 and I meet a friend from the past, Jesus Kruze and my best friend now, Anthony Butabi; they basically whisked me away back in to the ring, I left home with a bag and a paycheck and I went back to Supreme Pro Wrestling and trained under Cjay Kurz and Timothy Thatcher (EVOLVE & CZW standout). I debuted against JR Kratos at SPW Jan 8th 2012 and I’ve been going ever since.

As far as records state, your first pro match was against Davina Rose in WFC. What are your memories of that match?

Haha, I’d be wrestling about 3 months then, it was fun! Davina was awesome! She was really sweet and we had great chemistry. The crowd went insane for everything. It was a really good time and I really wish I could have a chance to wrestle her again considering we have both grown so much as wrestlers.

You wrestle mainly in California, are there any promotions in California you’ve not had the chance to wrestle for yet?

There are 27 companies in Northern California alone and a million more in Southern California! There are tons I haven’t worked for. I guess most notably are PWG and Lucha Underground.

So far in your career, you’ve worked with the likes of Shelly Martinez, Drake Younger, Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry), Candice LeRae, Hudson Envy and many more. Has there been a match you’ve had so far that sticks in your mind, good or bad?

I love every match I have with the amazing Hudson, same with Nicole Savoy. Team Tremendous was well…. Tremendous! I’d love a chance to wrestle them more but all of my favourite matches are at Hoodslam with my Hoodslamily. My golden gig shot against James C (Mike Rayne), which is in my top 3 favourite matches ever, the same goes for myself with Anthony Butabi. Any time I get in the ring with Sheik Khan or The Stoner Brothers, it’s like magic. But I’d love to get out and wrestle a laundry list of people.

Do you plan on tours in other countries, like your previous opponents Hudson Envy and Candice LeRae?

I’d love too. That’s the dream right?

Is your game plan to hit the big leagues or is wrestling for different promotions more your thing?

See, where Hoodslam goes is definitely my top goal; I’d love to grow with it, as it becomes a big league company. We’ve come far in five years; we sell out every show and have to turn away hundreds. With a bigger venue the sky is the limit. But in all seriousness, I just want to leave a positive mark on pro wrestling someway.

SHIMMER, Shine and WSU are considered the best women’s promotions in the States, is working for any of those something you’d like to do?

Again, I’d love too, I just need the opportunity.

What’s in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

Hoodslam, Action Coast Empire, some awesome new merch, TV in Central California, TV in Northern California, more Hoodslam and probably a bunch more awesome in between, the year is young.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

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Check out, @Hoodslam and @ActionCstEmpire.

And thank you for your time.

Thanks to Brittany for taking the time to take part in this interview.

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