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What were your expectations when you started out and did you think you’d make it a full-time career?

To be honest I didn’t have any expectations and my trainers made it clear to me, more than once, that I didn’t have a future in this business, so I kind of tried just to have fun and make the best of it! When I had my first match I was so happy, but at the same time very insecure, as I felt that I wasn’t ready at all but as the time went by I had more and more matches and trained passionately, I felt more confident and dreamt about having a full time career.

In the past, you’ve tried out for WWE and TNA, are they your aim or are you ok with touring the globe as you are now?

My aim is to have a full time job in the entertainment business and to make a decent living. I love stepping into the ring for wrestling or any other fighting sport. I also enjoy working for TV or being at conventions with all eyes on me.

How did you come up with the “Alpha Female” persona and how much of it is you?

It was actually my boyfriend and co workers who came up with the name and I came up with the look! Somehow my friends thought that I was an Alpha Female! The colours black and gold represent different things, because gold is for champions, that’s why I have the gold waistband and well, black is supposed to make me look skinny! The hair… I did many experiments with my hair, long, short, blond and black, I just couldn’t decide. There was a show I was booked on, from the company Diesel (the jeans company) and they had this crazy party and I thought it’s the perfect place to try the hair style. So now you know! How Alpha am I? Well when this all started, I wasn’t but with gaining confidence and experience in life, I’m a total Alpha Female now.

Is going to the States and competing in Shimmer,WSU or Shine on the cards?

Yes totally! Also my wish is to go to Mexico and Australia.

The UK has a wealth of talented female wrestlers, is there anyone that you would like to face?

As I’ve been busy in Japan for the last two years, I haven’t really had the chance to take a look at the UK scene. I’ve heard there are many new girls and I’m really looking forward to meeting them. In March/April, I will be in the UK and will face Tony Storm at EAW in Rushden, She is originally from Australia but lives in the UK now, so maybe that counts as a UK talent?! I hope that I get more opportunities to step into the ring in the UK. That depends, of course, on the promoters who are willing to have me on their show.

You’ve worked a lot for Stardom in Japan, what are the differences in wrestling there in comparison to wrestling in Europe?

Wrestling in Japan is on a whole other level, so much better, so much harder, more competition and pressure. You work there every weekend where the Japanese girls work up to 6 shows on a weekend. They wrestle strong style in Stardom and you learn how to work with injuries, you do not have time to recover, or even complain. The styles are different, you have the super serious ones, the high speed wrestler, but also the comedy wrestlers and matches can last up to 30 minutes!

In September you’ll be taking part in a charity wrestling match with comedian Johnny Cole, how did that come about and which charity is it in aid of?

Johnny Cole contacted me via Facebook and asked me if I want to be a part of his project. I saw on his site, that he asked his fans and they actually came up with the insanely suicidal idea for him to fight against me! Now he is training with the Expendables star Scott Atkins. Everything will be filmed and they will make a documentary out of it. The Charity is for Women’s Aid. Women’s Aid is the key national domestic violence charity working to end violence against women and children

wXw is one of the most well know German promotions, what’s the German scene like in comparison to the UK?

Compared to the UK the scene in Germany is very small but we do have great talents and a few good promotions. One company that has been running for a long time which I love to work for is DWA (Deutsche Wrestling Alliance). I think the lack of good marketing is the main reason why companies in Germany, and maybe all over Europe, hinder the scene from growing bigger. Being on Facebook or Twitter is of course a good way to keep the fans up to date, but it’s just not enough. I´m really happy that through constant hard work, passion and the choice of using excellent wrestlers, companies like wXw, ICW, Progress and Revolution Pro are doing so well. This is a great example that wrestling is still “cool” and the mainstream is ready for it.

There are rumours that you will be participating in boxing, is that something you’ll be doing alongside wrestling?

At the moment I’m at a crossroads in my career. My love and passion for pro wrestling is very low since coming back from Japan. The politics, the backstabbing and the constant struggle I faced is making me think twice if it’s still worth it. When I was in Japan, I found this great MMA/boxing gym, it was all so different and I had so much fun, I was totally free. Wrestling is a team sport where everyone is working against each other, but fighting is different, you fight on your own against your opponent, but you have a great team behind you that is supporting you in every possible way. I want to have at least one fight. I want to step in the cage too, but I don’t have the right trainer yet.

What does the future have in store for the Alpha Female in 2015 and beyond?

I’ve signed up with modelling agencies in London and in Munich. I’ve got already a few TV jobs and I’m booked at a few conventions too. I’m trying to get the brand Alpha Female out there as a comic/ superhero. I have an offer to be a wrestling trainer in the US, so I’m thinking about maybe doing that. At the moment, I have a Japanese student with me, she’s staying with me till January 2016 and I’m trying to teach her as much as I can and help her to get around. If anyone wants to work with me in the near future, get in contact via email germanwrestling@gmail or visit me on Facebook

Thank you so much for the interest and the support, I’m looking forward to meet my fans on the road, please feel free to write me anytime! Best wishes Alpha Female

Women’s Aid – the national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children

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