5 Quick Questions With Jurn Simmons

Added by Keagan Barnes

Photo Credit: Rob Brazier Photography.

So. This one is pretty Massive right? *wink wink*

This is the first 5QQW I’ve submitted to a website other than my own and blimey is this one a big one.

Simmons was born on the 29th of August 1991 in the Netherlands, a place he still wrestles in to this day. Making his debut on April 20th 2013, Jurn has always been a force to be reckoned with. During his 4 year tenure as a professional wrestler Jurn has become one of the best wrestlers in Europe. He’s wrestled around the globe with promotions wXw (Germany), Pro Wrestling Holland, Pro Wrestling Showdown (Netherlands) and PROGRESS Wrestling. Throughout his career, Jurn has collected a fair amount of championship gold, most notably the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship.

Today’s Guest: wXw Unified World Champion – Jurn Simmons.

Q: Who is your Favourite Wrestler Of All Time?

A: Razor Ramon.

Q: Who is your Current Favourite Wrestler?

A: Brock Lesnar.

Q: Who is your Favourite Opponent?

A: Axel Dieter Jr.

Q: Who is your Dream Opponent?

A: Brock Lesnar.

Q: What is your Ideal Wrestlemania Moment?

A: Main Event for the World Title.

5 Match Recommendations:

1. vs Axel Dieter Jr @ wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017 Night 2: http://www.wxwnow.de/video/484

2. vs RingKampf @ wXw Farewell To Axel Dieter Jr: http://www.wxwnow.de/video/535

3. vs Matt Riddle @ wXw Superstars Of Wrestling 2017  http://www.wxwnow.de/video/517

4. vs Emil Sitoci @ wXw We Love Wrestling Tour 2017: Hamburg II: http://www.wxwnow.de/video/531

5. vs Adam Cole vs Marty Scurll @ wXw 16th Anniversary: http://www.wxwnow.de/video/403