Interview with Liam Lazarus

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I recently caught up with the Tidal Wrestling Champion, to talk about his training, his career so far, his favourite matches, he up coming matches and what he has plans for the future.

People who have become wrestlers have often been inspired by a match, an event or a wrestling promo that they the saw on screen, was this the same for yourself? If so, what was it and why?

I was just inspired by wrestling in general. I loved and still love everything that surrounds wrestling, the drama, the athleticism, the production. The main draw for me were those Goosebump moments, like when Maven dropkicked The Undertaker out of the Royal Rumble. I’ll always state that the hype video for Rock/Austin II at Wrestlemania 17
is the best video ever, bar none.

You began your training in August 2011 for two years with UKW in Wakefield, and then began with NGW Academy afterwards, how did you find the training in the two, and was there any main differences between the two?

UKW was a starting place. It’s somewhere that I’m thankful for and always enjoyed my time there but, it was a starting place. I learnt the basics and was given knowledge of what wrestling was. It was a non-wrestler decision to train there. Moving to NGW was a wrestler’s decision. I’d hit the peak of what I could achieve at UKW, and in order to grow and develop, I needed to go to a new place and be surrounded by people who were better than me. I couldn’t have done it without Dan James either, who had a similar mind set.

What advice would you give to any fans hoping to get into wrestling and selecting what type of Academy to train in?

The clichéd answer is do your research, and pick a school with a good reputation. Realistically though, that rarely happens. People go to a school which is close to them. My advice, which is nothing in comparison to the real professionals in the country, is that if you are serious about wrestling, really look at yourself and think ‘do I have what it takes?’ Because not everyone does. Sometimes it’s better being in a seat rather than trying to get in the ring. That might be a harsh way of looking at things but in order to get anywhere, you’ve got to be a cut above the rest.

You have spoke highly of El Ligero and Danny Steel, is there anything that they have said that has stuck with you and influenced you regarding there training methods?

This goes back to the UKW/NGW comparison. Danny was great for wrestling training, movement and such. We taught me a lot about how to do stuff. Ligero really focused on the why. It’s a hard question to answer because I’ve learnt so much from various people, picking one or two bits out is hard. I just enjoy learning so anything that someone says to me, I try to make stick.

On Friday, at TIDAL Wrestling, ‘Point Break 2015′ at The Dolphin Centre in Darlington you will be facing the Scottish highflying star, Kenny Williams in what is sure to be a fantastic match, you thoughts on the match and what the fans are sure to expect?

This is our second encounter in two weeks, the first being at Pro Wrestling Heroes in Leeds. Not only was that match a chance to get a feel of each other, he also bust me open just above my eye! So now not only do I have to be aware of his speed, I also have to be aware of flying elbows. Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to the encounter again. Hopefully this time fans can be treated to a good sporting contest, and not me seeing red again, literally.

Last year, you featured in the TCW vs CZW promotional event last year, what were your thoughts be featured on the high profile event as well as being recieved from the hardcore CZW fans across the world?

Honestly, couldn’t tell you. If CZW fans are aware of me, that’s great. I’m more concerned about being received from those on home soil. The match against Shane Strickland was a fun encounter and something that I know a lot of fans in the UK enjoyed. I don’t know if tea humour translates across the Atlantic though.

TIDAL Wrestling has gained alot of success recently, mainly due to the collective talents involved, being Heavyweight Champion are there more targets for you to aim for and targets for the company itself?

The targets for myself at TIDAL is to keep growing as a wrestler and keep entertaining the Tidal fans for as long as possible. The fans in both the Leeds area and Darlington area are  so passionate and for me not to be the same would be a dis-service to them. Targets for the company is to keep growing and find its own identity within the UK and really solidify itself as a longstanding promotion. I enjoy the product personally, it just needs to reach a larger audience now.

What highlights would you say you’ve had so far in wrestling, or matches that you would recommend to the fans to watch? personally I’d recommend, your win at Tidal Wrestling last year when you captured the Heavyweight Championship from the monster Rampage Brown.

I’d also recommend the match against Rampage Brown, and I’d recommend coming to the June 28th show as well. The Teabag death match is up online on my Youtube channel and that’s worth a watch I’d say. My short run in the destiny rumble is something I’m really proud of and that’s a career highlight for me, I believe that’s up on the Wrestletalktv on demand service, and it’s episode 29.

The UK scene has many different wrestling companies at the moment, whats your thoughts on the current rise in popularity and is there anything else wrestling promotions can do to maintain or progress even further?

I think wrestling being on a rise is great for the wrestlers and for fans. Everyone wants more wrestling. I honestly couldn’t say what promotions need to do in order to progress. I think just keeping fans invested and making sure that, one, they get their money’s worth and, two, they want to put down that money again next time. We have so many good characters in the UK at the moment and so many good storytellers. I think this is why the promotions like Progress, ICW and NGW are growing, because they’re investing time into creating stories and wrestlers that people are invested in emotionally.

The last few years, fans have seen you battle across England in many different promotions, will fans in Scotland see you more of you as well?

I’ve not currently got anything planned in Scotland, but I’d be more than happy to wrestle there. Or anywhere really, I always enjoy working in front of fresh audiences and for new promotions.

You recently made your debut on HOPE Wrestling, despite being defeated by Alton Thorne you certainly made an impression with the fans, will we be seeing you the again and who are you hoping to face in that promotion?

I’m pretty sure there are plans to bring me back into HOPE. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there. Harvey Dale has a really good roster of guys and girls who put on some great matches. Working with HOPE opens up doors to work with some midlands band of wrestlers who I’ve been a bit segregated from. There are a lot of first time matches that could happen within the promotion.

You’ve developed this year in NGW and had some fantastic matches there, not to mention the fantastic bout you had at NGW ‘The Seventh Year Anniversary’ involving Mark Haskins, Liam Slater, Dan James and The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) whats next for yourself there?

The Seventh Anniversary show saw me pick up my first pinfall on an NGW main show. The next step for me is to pick up that first singles win. I face Dara Diablo at Keighley on the 23rd, so I’m driving straight into a head on collision with him and if I survive that, it’s a case of keep moving and keep partying.

At TCW, you will be involved in a Last Man Standing match for their June 28th show, ‘High Tide 2015′ when you will defend your TCW Championship against former champion, Rampage Brown your thoughts?

It’s been a long time coming has this match. The last man standing match is the chance to really prove that I can go toe to toe with Rampage and walk out on my own two feet. Rampage is the best in the country, so I’m giving it everything and afterwards, win or lose, I’ll be able to put the December match behind me and know if I can actually beat him or not.

Lastly, how can fans keep up to date with you on social media and where are you wrestling next ?

Fans can like my facebook page at

You can follow me on twitter @Liam_LZRS and on Instagram at LiamLazarusWrestling1993

You can also follow me around the streets, however, I will be a bit creeped out. I’m wrestling in Darlington on Friday 15th. On the 23rd I’m at Grapple’s show in Horsforth followed by NGW’s Anarchy show in Keighley and the week after I’m in Wrexham for ICE Wrestling on the 29th.

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