10 Questions With STIXX

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Name: Stixx
Height: 6’2
Weight: 243lbs
Hometown: Nottingham, UK
Twitter: @Stixx_1

1. When did you first become a wrestling fan?

I remember the exact moment. My friend lent me a video of the 1990 Survivor Series. The team in the first match was Legion of Doom, The Texas Tornado and The Ultimate Warrior. As a 10 year old kid, how could I not get absolutely obsessed with that. Superheroes come to life.

2. What moment did you realize that you wanted to be a wrestler?

I think deep down I always have, but back when I started the UK scene was a lot smaller than it is now. I didn’t even know there was wrestling in this country until I started buying WOW magazine and it covered a little bit of Hammerlock and FWA. That opened my eyes and the dream was well and truly back on course.

3. How did you go about getting trained to be a wrestler?

Strange story really, I visited the Hammerlock school with a friend a few times and it didn’t really feel welcoming (something I’ve made a point of with my school), but a new girl turned up at my work and told me about her cousin who was a wrestler and owned his own company. His name was Jamie Clubb and he co-ran EWW. Giving him a call, he put me in touch with Ashe and Curve who wrestled in a team called The New Breed (one for old school fans). They informed me they were about to start helping Alex Shane open and run the Capital City wrestling academy in Finsbury Park. A month later I went down for the first session and never looked back.

4. When did you make your debut and against who?

My official debut was on an FWA show (the standard on the FWA shows wasnt what it become back then,haha). It was me and my tag team partner Pliers vs The New Breed for the FWA tag team titles. First match or not, I’ll still stand by that we stole the show. There was another match a few months earlier but I don’t talk about that.

5. Who have you most enjoyed working with so far in the ring?

12 years and god knows how many opponents. That’s a very tough call. And the answer will change depending on the situation. I can sum it up though. Take, what most consider, the 30 best wrestlers in this country and they’re my favourite regular opponents. Haha.

6. Who would you love to work with in the future?

1 person I really regret not getting to work was Jody Fleisch. Me and him could’ve tore the house down. As for now though, there are a few I have surprisingly never worked that I cant wait to, Joey Hayes, CJ Banks, Mikey Whiplash & Robbie Dynamite.

7. Who on the UK scene do you see as underrated?

Jospeh Conners without a doubt. I know him well, I consider him a very good friend and I know his work ethic. He’s ready to break into the upper circle of this country. All he needs is a promoter to give him the ball.

8. What promotion that you haven’t worked for yet in the UK would you love to work for?

To be honest, I don’t pine for any. I think my work and work rate speaks for itself. After 12 years, promoters know who i am. By all accounts, I’m a model employee when it comes to British wrestling. Ive got a great look for posters and adding legitimacy to shows, I work very hard in any position I’m needed for and I can pretty much play any role. If I’m not getting used by any promotions, its either because they don’t rate me or they don’t like me. Why would i want to work for any of them? Haha.

9. Do you watch much independent wrestling from around the world?

I actually don’t. Over the last few years since I’ve been getting put in with more imports. I’ve had to go online and do some research as to who they are. Haha. Running a full time wrestling school and having a family. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

10. How do you feel when you hear top independent stars like Kevin Steen giving you praise?

Kevin is a super cool guy. We’ve had 2 very hard fought matches and after that, you cant help but respect each other. It was really cool what he said and I feel the same way. Davey Richards said our match was one of the most fun hes ever had. Same as Jigsaw. Dave Taylor was awesome after our match and on a recent shoot interview he did. Compliments from any other wrestlers (imports or not) show that I’m still doing all the right things and make me continue to work my ass off, but in truth, the only compliments any wrestler needs is the reaction of the fans on the night. That’s when you know you’ve done your job correctly

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