10 Questions with Nathan Cruz

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1. How did you get involved with pro wrestling?

I got involved in 2006. I started training at 15 with (unbeknownst to me) a terrible wrestler named Urban Warrior. Back then I was young and naive, I’d wanted to train for years, this was my first opportunity to do that. I later found out how bad he was and left there to seek better guidance.

2. Who inspired you to want to make it in wrestling?

Many people really, but I remember when I was ten, I watched Triple H vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 17. That match made me realise that wrestling is what I wanted to do as a career.

3. Are you lucky enough for wrestling to be your full time job?

I have been for the past four years yes. However unfortunately with me moving out my parents home this year and investing in a car, I’ve had to find a second job due to how the British industry has declined.

4. Is there anybody you want to thank for you getting to where you are in wrestling today?

There’s so many!! Firstly would be El Ligero. He was the one who took me on after my dreadful training with Urban Warrior and taught me a hell of a lot! Really helped me get out there. Many of the guys on the All-Star team taught me a lot and helped me become a much more diverse worker. But the one guy in particular is Rampage Brown. It goes without saying how talented he is and he has helped me so much in the four years I’ve known him. I credit him for taking a young 19 year old up coming wrestler and transforming me into a worker. I can’t thank him enough.

5. Who have you most enjoyed working with in the ring?

Again very tough one to answer. I love working with Rampage, Ligero, Tony Spitfire. Sam Bailey may be my favourite from the UK. He has such a great mind for wrestling and genuinely has fun at what he does. He’s fantastic to work with. However this summer I worked with an American called Steven Walters. I’ve known him a couple of years and always admired his work, he’s truly a pleasure to work with. Very aggressive, very talented, good work ethic, he’s a total package. Both him and I had some of our favourite matches last year with each other.

6. Where has wrestling allowed you travel?

There is no where in this country I haven’t visited. I’ve performed in every Haven and Butlins camps across the country, practically every town and city. I’ve toured Ireland for a week, quite regularly get flown into France and have once been flown to Barcelona. I have to mention that I DID NOT pay for any of the flights!! And I have always been treated with the up most respect when abroad.

7. What are you opinions on the entire UK scene and its chances of being as big as it was in the 70’s to 80’s?

This will be a long one. You’ll often hear me say “the jobs fucked”. This is because I know what the schedule was like for a full time wrestler just 8 years ago. And what scraps people such as my self have been left with in recent years. Due to the influx of anyone being able to set up shows, booking cheap lads (or lads doing it for free) the quality of British wrestling has been dragged through shit. You have to remember that unless you’re a follower of the British scene, fans will only see a wrestling show as a wrestling show. Not a trainee show, not a known bad promotion, just British wrestling. Once they see skinny lads with no physique (who could probably get battered by 60% of the audience) putting on embarrassing shows, that’s it, we all get branded. Unless something comes into place to rid the country of this horrible plague and develops some more characters, then British wrestling will (in my opinion) just stay where it is until it eventually burns into an embarrassing left over of piss pot promotions.

8. Who do you consider to be underrated on the UK scene if anybody?

I’ve already mentioned how highly I rate Sam Bailey. He doesn’t get no where near the credit he deserves, however I think that could be a workers opinion over a fans. No matter how ‘smart’ a fan will think they are; they’ll never understand or appreciate talent like the guys who are regularly in the ring or promoting (real promoters. Not punters with money) However I also think Jimmy Meadows doesn’t get no where near the exposure he could receive. Definitely needs booking far more. Jay White from New Zealand (currently living in Portsmouth) literally has all the full package.. And he’s young!! He needs to used more here before he gets snapped up by WWE, because he no doubt will one day.

9. Who would you love to work with in the future?

Love to get in the ring with Walters again, just on a much larger scale. I’ve worked pretty much everyone I’d like to. I’d say Zack Sabre Jr. in a singles match is something I’d really love to do at some point soon.

10. Other than WWE and TNA, what promotion overseas would you most like to work for?

ROH is always coming out with new exciting talent. I’d like to go there if the opportunity was put my way. NOAH has always come cross as very impressive. However I really would love to spend a few months in NJPW. The history of that promotion and the stars that have gone there and come out so much better; just excites me to get there and evolve as a performer.

Thank you so much Nathan for doing this 10 question interview with me, it was a honour to conduct this with one of the UK’s biggest names. You can keep up to date with his goings on via Twitter @Nathan_Cruz90

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