Zack Sabre Jr. The Next To Depart The Indies?

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Picture Credit: IPW UK

So it’s been in the news recently that EVOLVE wrestling which is owned/booked by former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky have been in discussions with the WWE. NXT, the WWE’s developmental territory has had and still has a number of wrestlers that has passed through the doors of EVOLVE amongst other independent groups.

This morning I saw a link to a WWE article again talking about EVOLVE with the headline on the tweet ‘Is EVOLVE Wrestling’s Zack Sabre Jr. The Next NXT Breakout Star?’ The Article itself was titled ‘NXT’s Next Breakout Stars? Meet the 5 EVOLVE Wrestlers You Need To Know’.

I tweeted out myself this morning ‘Was sure I heard an interview with Zack Sabre Jr. some years back that the WWE wasn’t for him’ and this always stuck with me because from the time I heard that because for years since being a wrestling fan, more so, an independent wrestling fan, that when you get into wrestling if your goal is not the WWE then you’re in the wrong business or words to those effect, so when I heard Zack say what he did it was refreshing. I understand how times have changed in the WWE, as mentioned earlier, in NXT and on the main roster they have guys that have been in EVOLVE and other independent groups and from all accounts, a lot of the wrestling taking place in NXT is in fact that, wrestling.

When the likes of Kevin Steen, El Generico, Prince Devitt to name a few left the indies and went to NXT I had numerous people who know I’m not a fan of the WWE say “I guess you’ll start watching now?” but of course my response was “no”. Nothing against the guys there that I once enjoyed watching but although it’s the same guys it’s under the WWE’s banner and for me I just felt that the guys would work the way I like to watch. Again, I am hearing they are doing some great stuff but it’s just one of them for me.

So back to the point at hand, with Zack’s style it would be definitely be unique to the WWE product but how would it go down with the casual audience of the WWE? Over here in the UK where we have a reputation of producing great actual wrestlers over the years and Zack is one of a few that wrestle an authentic British style (Check out match against his former LDRS partner THISMarty Scurll from IPW:UK) and so as I stated, he would be very unique in NXT so if that is what he wants I hope it works out for him and the fans take to him.

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