Wrestling Buzzsaw: Tribute To The Wrestling Career Of BJ Whitmer Part 2

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Gold came Whitmer’s way in 2008 back in Heartland Wrestling Association when he captured the heavyweight championship when he defeated Brian Jennings at HWA Outbreak on 19th January and then he was stripped of the championship on 11th July 2008. In IWS Mid South he came face to face with his long time rival Jimmy Jacobs in an I Quit match (at the 500th Show) and in an No Ropes Barbed Wire match (at April Bloodshowers) with both matches going in Jacobs favour. In Ring Of Honor he continued to run with the Hangm3n; whether it being with either Albright or Pearce they weren’t successful in capturing the ROH Tag Team Championship. BJ left the Hangm3n after Adam Pearce, Brent Albright and Shane Hagadorn joined Larry Sweeney and his Sweet ‘n’ Sour Inc.  On the 19th March 2008 it was announced on the Ring Of Honor website that BJ had left the company. It said “After a long and punishing stay, BJ Whitmer has decided to walk away from Ring Of Honor,”  “ROH and Whitmer have now officially parted ways. Everyone in ROH wants to thank BJ for his immense contributions to the company.”

After nearly three years on hiatus from the square circle; he returned to the promotion which trained him Heartland Wrestling Championship and in his first match back he captured the heavyweight championship from Gerome Philips at the promotions Hysteria event on the 19th March in Norwood, Ohio. He would hold onto the championship for five months until the promotions Road To Destiny event where he lost it to Jesse Emerson. He returned to IWA Mid South and captured the IWA Mid South Light Heavyweight Championship when he defeated Bucky Collins during the promotions King Of The Death Matches weekend but lost the championship back to Collins at the promotions 15th Anniversary show. BJ would debut for Absolute Intense Wrestling (where he met long time rival Jimmy Jacobs in the first annual Todd Pettengill invitational tournament), IWA East Coast and Dragon Gate USA (where he was reunited with former Ring Of Honor booker Gabe Sapolsky) and he returned to AAW, CZW and IPW.
In 2012, BJ returned back to ROH in Cincinnati, Ohio to take on then ROH Television champion Jay Lethal in a proving ground challenge. It would be two months until he would come back to the promotion in a tag team grudge match with El Generico going against Kevin Steen and his long time rival Jimmy Jacobs at the promotions Unity event on 30th April. After taking on Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong and participated in another proving ground for the ROH Television championship in an four corner survival he took another two months away from the  company and returned for the promotions tapings on 22nd September (aired 06th October) as the mystery partner of Rhett Titus to team against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. He and Titus received two opportunities at the ROH Tag Team Championship, once an three way elimination match with Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and then ROH Tag Team Champions SCUM {Suffering Chaos Ugliness and Mayhem (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino)} at Killer Instinct and then just against SCUM at the television tapings on 03rd November (aired 24 November). Took an nasty bump, going head first through an table after Charlie Hass german suplexed him off the top rope at Final Battle during the tag team New York Street Fight between Titus ,Whitmer and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. In other promotions BJ captured the IWA East Coast Heavyweight Championship by defeating Necro Butcher at their Worlds Collide event on 29th September and the AIW Intense Championship by defeating Bobby Beverly at their Absolution VII event on 01st July. He made his debut for Alpha -1, Mid West Wrestling, Premier Fighting Sport, NWA Bluegrass, Pro Wrestling Freedom and IWA Mid West.

In 2013, BJ had an opportunity to capture the ROH Television Championship at the 05th January television tapings (aired 26th January) against Adam Cole, after that he  teamed with Titus (for the final time) to take on the new team of Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (who had only been teaming for only a couple of months at this point) at Hunt For The Gold  on 18th January, took on Matt Hardy (at Defy or Deny 2), Kyle O’Reilly (at Honor vs. Evil) and finished his feud with Charlie Haas in an No Holds Barred match at the 11th Anniversary. Unfortunately while attempting to save the promotion from an invasion of new SCUM followers, BJ was attacked his tag team partner Rhett Titus. Just like the Interpromotional feud in 2006 with CZW, BJ was bought in to defend the honor of the promotion against SCUM whether it be an I Quit match against his former partner or defending the honor of the promotion’s matchmaker Nigel McGuiness in the promotions fifth Steel Cage Warfare. While concentrating on the feud with SCUM he received an opportunity at the ROH Champion Jay Briscoe at Relentless.

Else where, he took on ECW legend Sabu at IWA Mid South’s Old Scares and Bad Blood event and former ECW wrestler and former FWA (Frontier Wrestling Alliance) All England Champion Chris Hammrick at IWA Mid South’s Simply The Best 9. Made his debuts in Remix Pro Wrestling and Wrestling Cares Association (where he advanced in their yearlong tournament).

Back in Ring Of Honor, he started an feud with Mike Bennett. The feud start after Bennett attacked Whitmer after an number one contenders match at the television tapings on 05th May (aired 01st June). This feud was cut short after BJ suffered an neurological injury after an attempt of an piledriver by Bennett on the ring apron. The promotion released an update on BJ on their twitter account the following day by say “BJ has full use of his arm and legs. He still undergoing a battery of tests but hopes to be released sometime today or tomorrow at the latest.” He returned home were tests would continue on the condition of his neck and spine and physical therapy could be start as well. However the question was unanswered if BJ would return to the square circle or not.

At Death Before Dishonor XI, he announced that he would that he had to retire from the sport he’d loved but he asked ROH match maker Nigel McGuiness for one favour and that was to allow his former Tag Team partner and longtime rival Jimmy Jacobs an trial series for opportunity to have a regular spot on the ROH roster. He made an special appearance when the promotion returned to Cincinnati, Ohio at Golden Dreams on the 2nd  November.

After forth months away from the ring, he returned to the promotion at its annual Final Battle event (14th December) to team with “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards (originally it was meant be the American Wolves but Davey Richards left the company before the show) taking on the team of Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal. After he and Eddie won and after Eddie embraced ROH crowd, officials and the roster (like previous wrestlers who left the promotion before Eddie) he (BJ) said “My career is just beginning !” and fed him into a flyin’ knee of Roderick Strong followed by an exploder suplex by Whitmer. It seemed to be that Jimmy Jacobs would come to “Die Hard’s” aid but it wasn’t the case to be he spiked the lone wolf’s head open and then cut a promo saying that he was sick of wrestlers being praised for leaving the promotion and the being over looked by management; in another promo they criticized how wrestlers who left the promotion once before are coming back plus younger talent are using the promotion as a stepping stone to the major league.

The group has started to make an impact in the promotion; what does the Decade have in store for the up and comers on the ROH roster or even for guys coming back to the roster? Only time will tell.

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