Where’s The UK Vince?

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British wrestling at the moment is HOT, very hot. There are some incredible wrestlers, gimmicks and showmen in our country who work themselves to the bone day in, day out working extremely tough schedules, making a living out of the game with awesome matches. It’s nice to see our top guys now getting booked for somewhere on a regular basis, social media is awash with shows and match schedules for this summer and beyond. Some have taken the leap across the pond and have become successful there in WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor or one of the bigger independent promotions in the USA. We’ve even had some go east to Japan where our stars have also enjoyed success.

However, despite all this success we still don’t have a ‘WWE’ or ‘TNA’ in our own country. A show that has made it onto a regular prime time slot on a big television network with a regular roster, who are well paid enough that it will take them a long way towards a retirement fund for putting their bodies on the line so often.

I’ve seen some fantastic matches watching UK wrestling and the array of talent we have, can do it in the ring or on the mic and with the right push I’m a big believer that we could create worldwide household names right HERE in the UK… IF someone or some TV network took British wrestling by the grapefruits and with a relentless, ruthless attitude like Vince McMahon had when building his empire, ensured it was a success.

Touching on another article I read by Nathan Cruz Just Make It Make Sense it would help solve this problem. I also tire of different promotions using the same guys in totally different roles (face or heel) from week to week or the same promotion using the same person in 2 different roles in 2 consecutive shows. All that is needed is a forum somewhere where promoters can get together and discuss what guys/girls are which roles and when. Maybe even the wrestler him/herself could decide whether he/she is heel or face for a period of time and promoters book them accordingly.

We have talent like Kris Travis, Lionheart, Jack Jester, Martin Kirby, El Ligero, CJ Banks, Rampage Brown, Nixon Newell Dave Mastiff, The Hunter Brothers, Violet Vendetta, Kay Lee Ray, Dave Rayne. Mark Haskins, Nathan Cruz, Barricade… (holy crap! Just realised I could go on for hours here, apologies to the endless list I have missed out) who could and WOULD be known worldwide if we had a Vince, or if Sky Sports/BBC/ITV woke up, brought a big stake in a british promotion and pumped some serious money into it.

I truly believe that our guys and girls have just as good of a workrate and originality in matches and building their characters than anything we see in WWE. We do not, however have a British promotion fully in the mainstream being pushed so they can get the appreciation they deserve… nor do I think we ever have.

With the talent we have in droves, the men and women who give their all in the ring deserve another legitimate goal, but a lot closer to home.

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