What If Matt Hardy Wins The ICW Championship?

Added by Jack Cinnamond

ICW, Insane Championship Wrestling, quite possibly the UK’s biggest wrestling promotion is quite a awesome predicament (Kayfabe wise) this Saturday night.

When FWE (Family Wrestling Entertainment) in the United States booked Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy, nobody would’ve thought any title would be on the line, ICW World Championship nor EVOLVE World Championship (which Galloway also holds), so when announced this past week that the ICW Title would be on the line well, the internet wrestling community exploded with glee and rightfully so.

So, what will happen if Matt Hardy beats Drew Galloway on Saturday Night and becomes the holder of the title? Well that’s a interesting question, well quite obviously Hardy would be needed in the UK more often then he normally is (which is like, twice a year) which he’s acknowledged on Twitter by saying quite simply the following,

“Can’t wait to win the @InsaneChampWres Title & then defend it in Scotland. Might just buy a summer UK home.” – @MattHardyBrand

So Hardy is willing to take the belt and to defend it in the UK. He’d have to battle some of ICW’s best, like Chris Renfew, Grado, Wolfgang, Jack Jester among others and as it seems Drew is now in TNA, is it time for him to drop the belt? In my opinion, I think that Matt is the perfect guy to take the title from Drew and there is no better way than doing it during ICW’s first U.S. title defense.

Imagine that, Matt Hardy lands a Twist Of Fate onto something (chair? Title?) and actually gets the three and the Brooklyn crowd goes wild and the ICW faithful who don’t watch it live wake up on Sunday morning to learn that Matt Hardy has taken the belt.

It would easily lead to the thought that ICW can put over anyone in Scotland with Hardy holding the belt, hey wouldn’t it be cool if Dar defeated Hardy later in the year?

If you want to see this go down, you can head to FWEWrestling.com to order the iPPV (also featuring the first time matchup between Matt Sydal and ICW Alumni Paul London). If you have anything to say to me, you can ask me @CMCinnamond on Twitter while your at it follow @FWEWrestling & @MattHardyBrand if you don’t already.

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