Welcome To The Year Of The Wrestling Explosion

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January 2015, here we are, a new year and the wrestling events that are being posted across the UK are being announced thick and fast.

The popularity of wrestling within the UK is certainly reaching fever pitch, with mainstream media publishing articles  and interviewing the wrestlers themselves and that can only to be adding volume to the notion that the country is ready to accept that the sport has developed more into the public eye.

January appears to have been a key month for companies selling out there events in advance and companies looking to increase there fanbase that proves the idea.

“Well, ladies and gents… you just smashed the previous record by 23 hours and 24 minutes. Chapter 18 is SOLD OUT. #ThankYou #ThisIsProgress” – This is PROGRESS.

That was the twitter message from, This is Progress, on there sell out show, an achievement and just reward for there stellar shows that they have produced since there arrival.

“MANDREWS FAREWELL SHOW HAS SOLD OUT IN 12MINUTES! Please keep your eyes peeled for returns over the coming weeks!” – ATTACK Wrestling.

This was another announcement, this time from Attack Wrestling, the same can be said for there brand, for they have demonstrated to the fans that since 2011 they have been slowly growing their fanbase and it’s paying off.

Now these were two twitter examples, ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) has their long awaited “Square Go” event this month and it sold out long before January had arrived. Their “Barra-mania” event in March is sure to follow suit and the fans demand for more shows all over the UK was answered when they announced a UK tour.

Pro Wrestling Elite has their first event of the year in March, “Elite Rumble”, with the best of UK talent participating and Champion Grado facing Bad Boy Liam Thomson, the tickets are selling fast already.

PCW (Preston City Wrestling) has their “Shooting Star” event in January, a fundraising show where the tickets are almost sold out and the proceeds will go to the awesome Kris Travis to help him in his battle against Cancer, with stars ralling to star in the show, it’s easily the must see event of the year. The “Road to Glory” weekend show during March hosting some of the best wrestlers in the World attending and the tickets for all three shows are in demand. But with a second event in March where the Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) are participating also has fans going after the tickets.

But what have fans seen so far, the third week of January saw the debut show of Empress Pro Wrestling, an event that brought some of the best female wrestlers from across the country to host a fantastic show and to great fanfare.

At Wrestlezone in Aberdeen, a amazing show saw a great start to the year, with great action and a fanbase growing.

For the rest of January in Britannia Wrestling, the BWP World Catchweight Championship is headling as Champion Dean MacManus battles the ruthless Cyanide.

In Pro Wrestling Chaos, the King Of Chaos Championship is on the line as Mike Bird encounters challenger, Pete Dunne in the main event and seeing off the month, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, W3L, Reckless Wrestling and Triple-x Wrestling all bring there there fantastic wrestling across the country.

The end of January also sees TNA coming to the UK, there Maximum Tour will be arriving in Glasgow, Manchester & London to amazing fanfare with stars of British Boot Camp2 on hand to bring another reason for fans to attend.

In February wrestling fans can look forward to, Paid Promotions who look to embrace a new era without the villainous Greg Lambert as Stixx looks to face there Champion, Craig Kollins.

With Tidal Wrestling, Target Wrestling, Pride Wrestling and many many more hosting shows in February it’s very clear that this year is going to be one hell of a year for wrestling companies and more importantly the fans that attend them.

So to mention my earlier point. Wrestling fans are only just in the middle of January and already nearly every week there is a show within your area scheduled on hand or at least a train away, you have to think that this can only be a good thing for the success of the industry right? And not at all a future that could see the overkill that could  have a backlash of problems to come.

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