UK Promotions, Do Things The ICW Way

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Independent wrestling needs all the exposure it can get and many use social media and one of the best ways is via YouTube. Many promotions will put an odd match or promo up here and there but there is one promotion right here in the UK who really have taken the bull by the horns and that promotion is Insane Championship Wrestling based out of Scotland.

ICW are a promotion that have been making waves for a couple of years now, their shows in Glasgow & Edinburgh always sell out with very rabid and knowledgable fans. They have branched out into England this year with A Show In London a couple of weeks ago which I attended and they have a show coming up in Newcastle soon too.

Getting back to taking the bull by the horns, they have a weekly show ‘Worldwide’ that airs on YouTube each week and the latest episode that went up on Thursday (which you can see on the right hand side of the site you are looking at) and features footage from the excellent London show. ICW release their shows on DVD and the way they show stuff on Worldwide gives you just enough and then makes you want to get the DVD where you can see everything in full and of course by buying them you are helping support the promotion as it’s not easy in the world of promoting independent wrestling.

So ICW are doing it right I’m my opinion and maybe other promotions should take a leaf out of their book. Different people in different markets for different reasons have their thoughts on the ‘best UK promotion’ and as like with everything, it’s all about opinions and is subjective. For me, doing things the ‘ICW way’ is the way forward, promotions like Preston City Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, PROGRESS Wrestling and Fight Club: PRO would benefit hugely I believe and for the fans who have bit the bullet and bought a DVD or travelled to a show may just do one or both of those things.

I hope this gets read by the relevant people and they go down this road, they may already be thinking about doing it anyway, but of not, I hope they do.

All I ever want is to see independent wrestling grow especially here in the UK where we have some great talent and promotions.

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