Top 10 Must-Watch Indy Stars on The UK Scene

Added by David Wright

There have been many concerns over the past year about the state of the UK indy scene. WWE set up NXT UK and for a weekly show of that size, they needed to sign a lot of talent to fill their roster. AEW also opened their doors which needed another roster to be populated. The UK indies has lost a lot of talent to the exclusive contracts that big companies are offering the stars. With that being said, there are still some amazing stars that roam around on the indy scene. 2019 has given us some fantastic matches and many wrestlers have excelled at showing us what they can do in the ring. So, here are my standout stars that are must-watch stars:

10: OJMO

We start off with a man that has only been wrestling for around 2 and a half years, yet he is brilliant in the ring. The passion he has for wrestling is clearly visible in all his matches. OJMO has had some incredible matches this year including bouts with PAC, El Phantasmo, David Starr and Shingo Takagi. He continues to impress with every opportunity he is given to shine. You can only expect bigger things to come from OJMO. As he goes on in his career, it will be no surprise if he becomes a top champion in 2020.

9: Cara Noir

Cara Noir is a star in the making. He oozes charisma with everything he does. His entrance is a spectacle and experiencing it live is a must. His character is the epitome of creativity. There is nobody like him currently on the indy scene. In-ring storytelling is truly one of his strong suits, but his wrestling certainly isn’t lacking either. Noir has been on put some memorable matches and has travelled the UK, working for many different promotions. On a crowded scene, he stands out like no other.

8: Chakara

Chakara is another wrestler who hasn’t been wrestling for a very long time compared to others, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that if you watch any of her matches. The mystique surrounding her entrance is hypnotic. Chakara has natural charisma that sets her apart from many women on the UK scene. Her series of matches with Candyfloss highlighted her in-ring talent as well as her flawless storytelling. If you watch her promos from Riptide, you can see her in peak heel persona which suits her better than being a face, though she can pull that off to. Seeing wrestlers like Chakara travelling around the UK show the promise that the indy women’s division will have a bright future.

7: Spike Trivet

The gimmick of being a condescending rich man is one of the all-time classic wrestling tropes, yet Spike Trivet makes this concept fresh and unique. He can stir a crowd with ease and is highly underappreciated for how amazing of a heel he is. His gimmick isn’t the only thing that makes him special though, as he is very competent in the ring too. He isn’t afraid to really take the fight to his opponents either as we have seen from his deathmatches which includes a win over Jimmy Havoc. After winning Riptide’s main prize, it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

6: The Woke Queens

The Woke Queens are relatively new as a team. Comprised of Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie, this duo have made their presence known in both Pro Wrestling: EVE and OTT. They had a short reign with the EVE Tag Team Championships and it wouldn’t be surprising if they won them back soon enough. Valkyrie has already held the OTT Women’s Championship and Keitel was in her corner the whole time which made for an entertaining title reign. They have posted some hilarious videos on their twitter that highlights the funnier side to this team too.

5: Chuck Mambo

Mambo has proven over the past 2 years that he deserves a place at the top of the indies here in the UK. If you go back and watch some of Mambo’s old matches, the improvement he has made is incredible and he will only continue to get better as time goes on. He has been a cornerstone of Riptide from the beginning holding their main title for over 400 days . He has a reputation as being one of the nicest wrestlers to his fans and obviously this helps make him a constant favourite with all audiences he performs for. There is absolutely no doubt that he will continue putting on excel lent quality matches against the UK’s finest.

4: Millie McKenzie

There are few people on the UK indy scene that can make moves hurt as badly as Millie McKenzie does. Her suplexes are vicious and her striking game is impressive against any opponent. She’s only 19 years old even though she looks like she has been wrestling for years. Her look perfectly fits her hard-hitting style. McKenzie hasn’t been shown to cut many promos but because of her character, she hasn’t needed to. I wouldn’t be surprised if McKenzie pops up in one of the big companies soon as a mainstay. She has definitely proven she is capable of hanging with the best .

3: David Starr

Yes, David Starr is American, but the landscape of the UK indy scene would look entirely different without this man. So much has been said about Starr that it’s hard to say anything new about him. He has fought for every imaginable independent promotion in the UK and it has paid off greatly for him. He is considered one of the greatest indy wrestlers in the world right now. What makes Starr so special is the face that he clearly cares more about the business than he does for himself. He controversially stands for the idea of unionising wrestling which has led to Starr not being booked by many promotions which disagree with him. He is absolutely outstanding on the mic and he can put on matches that leave the viewer on the edge of their seats. It will be interesting to see where his reign the OTT World Championship goes but it is looking very promising.

2: TK Cooper

Cooper is most notably known for his work in Progress in which he has showcased his agile style that meshes well with every opponent he faces. He is a New Zealander but wrestles in the UK most of the time which gives him a rightful place on this list. His move set is fresh and unique and engages the audience in his matches. He has a good claim to make for being one of the reasons Riptide has been as successful as it has been since he never fails to shine at their shows. Cooper’s entrance music would hype anyone up for a match and he never disappoints in the ring. It is only a matter of time before he starts winning more titles and he becomes the face of a promotion as he certainly has the charisma to pull it off.

1: Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis is 19 years old. Scotty Davis has put on classic matches with Cara Noir, Darby Allin, TK Cooper, Juice Robinson and Jushin Thunder Liger. He has also teamed with Will Osprea y without looking like a weak link in the team. There is a reason that Davis was undefeated in 2019 for OTT except his #1 contendership match against David Starr. There is something so special about Scotty Davis that is evident from any match of his that you watch. He has the potential to be one of the top junior-heavyweights in the entire world. He thrives in all situations including multiman matches, ladder matches and in the tag team scene. It’s obvious why he has been dubbed a “Prodigy” by many and he has been compared to Will Ospreay too. He is the current Progress tag team champion with Jordan Devlin and they have already put on some excellent title matches. This man is a star and the next big thing in the world of wrestling.