Too Many Chefs in The Promotional Kitchen

Added by Nathan Cruz

A few days ago I posted a tweet asking for suggestions for this column. Firstly let me say thank you to all those who did reply, there has been some great suggestions put forward and over the next month or so I intend to get round to as many suggestions as I think will make for an interesting read; because let’s face it, if you’re going to spare your time to read these blogs, you don’t want to be bored to tears.

One of the first suggestions was about over saturation of the product in such a small country and why it seems us (the talent) seem happy with it.

I found it interesting mainly because I can see both sides of the argument here very clearly.

Yes, professional wrestling is hugely over saturated in the country. It seems every month some new promotion pops up and gives it a go. Is that a problem? No. NGW, PROGRESS, PCW, Christ even All-Star was all the upstart promotion at one time. Now look how successful they all are. The problem is the motivation of the promoter. Do they genuinely want to become a reputable wrestling promoter and become a businessman about the product in which they are showcasing? Or is it someone wanting to play promoter? Treat the talent from all over the world like wrestling toys come to life? Or is it the lads who can’t get booked so set up their very own promotion?

Sadly for every genuine great promotion that starts up (REV: Pro, IPW: UK, PBW, WAW) you’ll end up with two of the others. I’ve seen so many of them and worked for plenty. Which brings me onto why we seemingly are content with this oversaturation. Truth be told a lot of us aren’t. If you was to be a fly on the wall of some car journeys you’d hear this. When we hear of some promotion that is also setting up in Leeds (which now has three regular promotions) it is annoying. Is it someone else trying to play promoter? Someone who may kill wrestling in that city and ruin it for the guys running there with good quality shows who have been working there bollocks off to get it to that point.

Here is the harsh reality. How many of you reading this can say you enjoy your job? Or do you do it because it pays the bills? Wrestlers need to pay bills also. And if that comes from a docile lad with a handful of cash and some terrible posters, well that’s just where we might have to go that Friday night. I wish it was different. Good god I love this job and anyone who spends time with me can see that instantly. But at times you have to swallow your pride and lace up your boots.

I wish we worked in a business that was healthy enough for us to turn around and say no to these piss pot promotions. But we can’t. It got ruined a long time ago by young lads who couldn’t get booked. Started up a wrestling promotion so they could get work and others followed that suit. Then fans who wanted to see dream matches realised they could do the same. Eventually the successful and busiest wrestling promoters were struggling. Struggling so badly they had to reduce dates on their schedule to avoid losing money and ensure they remain wealthy. Do they care about the talent or their bank account? We’re the afterthought. Thus the cancer spreads. Now like I said they are many out there that I am happy came along. They broke the mould of what a British wrestling show was and gave younger audiences something fresh and exciting. But all those promotions are ran by highly dedicated, hardworking and focused men with a long term plan. I know them all and can say that each one deserves success because the shift has clearly been put into their product. But when they’re not running that month… well that’s when it’s those piss pots are putting food in our mouths and sadly; I don’t see an end in sight for that anytime soon. I pray to god every night that certain promotions could run far more regular. Promotions who treat the talent well and would allow us all to make a comfortable living. But as long as they are young lads who have not got experience and want to wrestle so badly (I was one myself in 2008) we will always have the piss pots to create a negative image for what British wrestling is.

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