This Week In Puro: 27/01/2019

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Results and news from across a range of puroresu and joshi promotions.

All Japan: Suwama will be the next challenger for Kento Miyahara for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, this match will take place on the 24/02. On the 07/02 for the start of the Excite Series & Jnr Battle of Glory, Big Japan’s Kawakami & Kikuta will challenge for the All Asia Tag Team Championships against Nomura and Aoyagi.


Big Japan: Bodyguard of All Japan showed up at recent event to challenge Daisuke Sekimoto to a title match, it is unknown which title as Sekimoto holds two singles belts while Bodyguard also holds one himself. Big Japan and All Japan are currently in an interpromotional war of sorts, with rumours suggesting Noah may be added to the mix. Earlier today, Isami Kodaka was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the Death Match Championship against Takahashi who has defended the belt 3 times this month.

Dragon Gate: The next of Dragon Gate’s 20 year celebration comes on the the 05/02, in an eight man tag match pitting Toryumon vs T2P. On the 10/02 in Hakata, Kzy challenges PAC but not before he has to go through Doi and YAMATO in a triple threat on the 05/02.

DDT: Select results from Korakuen 27/01 are as follows; ASUKA is the new Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion, Masahiro Takanashi defeated CIMA & MAO, Shuji Ishikawa beat Kota Umeda and the team of Sasaki & Harashima beat Takeshita and Aoki in the main event.

NOAH: GHC Tag Team Championship Match was set for February’s Korakuen, as Hooligans defend against 50 Funky Powers, GHC Junior Tag also on line as Backbreakers defend against Ishii & Iwasaki. On the same show, Kitamiya will challenge Kiyomiya for the GHC Heavyweight Championship.

Stardom: No title changes occured in todays Osaka show, Kagetsu was successful against Hazuki, Watanabe and Hayashishita successful against Jungle Kyona and Tora.

News and results collated from various websites and twitters like PuroLove, Hisame, Dramatic DDT, All Japan English and Cagematch.

Luke Hickey