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It has been quite a long time since I have written on The Indy Corner. Many reasons really, most notably the stress of buying and moving into my first home, juggling that with my professional life. But with some time spare on my hands after cleaning my living room (the joys) I’m back to share my thoughts… much on how I returned to PROGRESS last month and shared my thoughts once again in front of a sold out audience at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Many people presumed that Nathan Cruz would never again step into a PROGRESS ring. They had been a number of issues concerning my outspoken opinion on how the lads should carry themselves as professionals, communication issues and inevitable a disagreement which lead to my absence. However, PROGRESS Wrestling has always been one of my favourite promotions in the UK and always very rewarding to work for. It was a case of me hearing about how well they were still doing and missing being a part of something; that I feel, is very special. But at that time I have also achieved huge life goals of my own which made my time away from progress seem less bitter. Jim Smallman had later said to me that he was at some of the live events WWE put on in the UK in which I performed at and was genuinely upset that he felt there was heat between us because he was so proud to see me there and in fairness I’d have loved to have seen him and shared that moment with him.

With this in mind, my return to PROGRESS became something that had started going around in my head and evidently it had been in Jon, Jim and Glen’s head. Returning for the SPLX tournament weekend was huge. Credit to them for dividing the tournament with a good story. I was not prepared for the reaction when I revealed myself as the mastermind behind the Faceless. I knew some people would care, but part of me was very concerned that most of the audience would not understand the relevance of me leading the group. To be rewarded by an outstanding reaction of boo’s, holy s**t and ‘f**k you Cruz’ was outstanding and just what I wanted. To be able to return with a new dimension to the character is what I love the most about it. No one wants to come back and give the audience the same show they had a year or so ago. And this goes to my partner in crime; El Ligero. Years of his tutoring me, competing against each other all over the UK and Europe, to both have a new direction for each of our characters and now work together side by side as The Origin is something I’m eager to sink my teeth into.

We both adopted the persona’s and the heat that the faceless had developed and took it into day 1. By the end of that segment the audience wanted nothing more than to see us get hurt. The very next day they got that when The Origin fired the first shot in the war on the PROGRESS fans, by stepping into the ring with Tommy End and Michael Dante. The fight saw us brawl all over the venue, Myself get launched into a balcony, a horrendous attack on Tommy End, blood and violence. Yes, I had missed progress. To come back and have a fight like that in front of that audience and continue the ongoing story was superb. It’s early days yet, but The Origin has BIG PLANS. The undertone that the group is made up of two of the hardest working performers in the country, who feel they have been over looked is what gives The Origin, so much depth and freedom to continue their war on the PROGRESS fans and most of all, entertain.

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