The Weekend Of Thanks

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My name is Alex Cupid known as The Prince of Heart if you’re up to date with Progress you may have seen me against the likes of Aussie Open and The Grizzled Young Vets as of late.

This is a weekly column about my weekend in wresting…Enjoy!

So this weekend started of with a charity show in Dudley!

Card was pretty damn good too, featuring the likes of Chuck Mambo, Damon Moser, The Hunter Brothers and Omari!

I faced ‘SwagZilla’ Sean Kustom in honestly one of my best performances to date. Kustom is an incredible athlete and theirs a reason why he’s in demand!

His manager was Tax Williams…

His antics helped create a multitude of special moment and he’s a dude that really grasps the role of a manager, Hopefully I get to kick his ass around soon.

All in all a very good night of wrestling for a great cause! (Can be found below) and we’ve raised over £700 for Daisy Garland.

Roll on Saturday!

It’s crazy how wrestling can influence people’s lives in positive ways.

Here’s an excerpt from my facebook:

“Today during my match a kid gave me his popcorn to “power me up”, I went on to win the opportunity to challenge for any belt of my choosing at Full House Wrestling

Not only did the kid have a huge smile on his face, but his dad was well happy!

The dad said I made his son’s day.

Nah. That kid made my day.

I Love Wrestling


So I picked up the win in an elimination match similar to that of a PROGRESS ThunderBastard match. Crowd was really good and it’s amazing when people are behind you that much! Full House closed the year with great foundations to have am incredible 2018.

I’m pleased to say I’ll be a part of it.

That’s all for me this weekend!

Life is moving fast and I love your enthusiasm for wrestling, hopefully this is another platform for me to share my love of wrestling with you all!

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This week’s opponents

Wrestling For Daisy Garland:
SwagZilla Sean Kustom

Full House
Cieran Donnelly, Captain Clothesline, Fr3AkShow, Snare and Mark Hendry