The Way I See It …. Part 7

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It has been a while since I have written a column as such, I have read plenty of others and watched plenty of wrestling but I have not really sat down to write. I am currently really enjoying the Nathan Cruz and Kris Travis entries; they are a great insight for anyone, like me, who is intrigued by the business and the internal machine. It helps that these are in my opinion two of the top guys on the UK scene – not the top two on the British Wrestling Roundup top 10 but more on that in a bit! Harvey Dale has also been consistently producing a great column which I would recommend everyone to read. Harvey is a wrestling fan as well as a character and a promoter and he is incredibly passionate about British wrestling and it always shows through in his column, more recently his column has got very personal – now I don’t know enough about the situation to comment on it, and I think even if I did it wouldn’t really be my place to do so. But I would encourage anybody that has not read the columns by Harvey or by Cruz and Travis they really ought to.

On to my little piece of the wrestling world, I have been to two shows recently – PCW’s Who Dares Wins and Kamikaze Pro’s Over The Top. I was meant to attend the HOP: Evolution show in Mansfield too but my son was ill and at the end of the day family does take priority. I had intended to write a piece on HOP:E but all being well I will have that opportunity at a later show.

I have written a detailed review of PCW, which was my first trip up there so I do not want to go over it again too much. That being said it was a fun little road trip, the only downside was that I was coming down with tonsillitis so I did not really feel on top of the world. The crowd really came alive during the rumble match and there was some great chanting throughout which really added to the fun. In keeping with the community feel of wrestling we ended up giving a lift to somebody we had never met before – outside of wrestling I do not think this is something I would do!

The Sunday saw another rumble event but it was very different, which is something that Kamikaze do very well. Before the event I was talking to the increasingly impressive Van Damage and I said to him that Kamikaze Pro tend to do things a little different so I was really looking forward to this rumble and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. After a solid rumble match it culminated in Robbie X cashing in his MITB contract on Damian Dunne in the middle of the rumble to become new Relentless Champion. Robbie was then swiftly eliminated before Damian Dunne hit a Canadian Destroyer on his brother Pete Dunne before eliminating him to win the match and the chance to face Petey Williams at the next show – Sky’s The Limit. One of the standout aspects of this show is there were no imports at all and it was as good a show as anything else I have seen, there is such a strong nucleus of talent on the regular roster that they can use imports sparingly. To date when they have had imports in they have been used extremely well and always showcase the UK talent in their matches.

I could talk at length about Kamikaze, to me it is my wrestling “home” and it takes priority over anywhere else. I have turned down opportunities to go to three other places in the next few months purely because of Kamikaze running shows at the same time and I see no reason to travel anywhere else. The next Kamikaze show has Petey Williams, AR Fox and Steve Corino on the card, all of whom I am really looking forward to seeing. Williams is going against Damian Dunne and AR Fox is taking on Robbie X – two young rising stars that I have seen develop hugely in the Kamikaze ring in the last 12 months, and this opportunity for both of them is massive. In the not too distant future for Kamikaze they have already announced the return of Uhaa Nation for the anniversary show on June 15th but before that it has been announced today that the Versus show on May 31st will feature members of the Kamikaze Pro roster taking on members of Scotlands Premier British Wrestling roster so there is the potential for some really great matches here as well as seeing a host of new names. I am hoping that Grado is involved in this is some way or another and if Kay Lee Ray or Nikki Storm are a part of it Kamikaze could have its first ever womens match!

Moving away from Kamikaze I have a lot more wrestling to look forward to with tickets booked for Southsides Speed King which is shaping up to be a phenomenal day in Nottingham, ICW’s Show in London and most recently I have booked for DragonGateUK when they return to Broxbourne in July. This coming week I will be attending my first SWA show over in Telford then there is the small issue of Wrestlemania on Sunday. I think it speaks volumes for where my wrestling allegiances lie lately when I can safely say that I am looking forward to SWA more than Mania!

I mentioned at the beginning about British Wrestling Roundup, before talking about their Top 10, I have to say that Dave Bradshaw is growing on me slowly, I just wish somebody would give him a bit of a makeover and tidy him up a bit! On to their Top Ten, now I don’t really disagree with it as a whole but I don’t really agree with it either. It is basically an impossible task to be honest, if I was to do MY Top Ten then it would be based around guys I see a lot and guys that I like and I am sure that anybody reading it would disagree with some if not all of it. Having said that I will put my top 15 below based on my criteria. I have had to put 15 as there are people I could not leave out, and even now I am thinking of loads of others who deserve to be on here too. To be honest this list could be turned upside down and I could still argue its validity, it is basically impossible to do a list that everyone or even anybody would agree with so you can love it or hate it, it’s just the way I see it!

  1. Kris Travis
  2. Nathan Cruz
  3. Zack Sabre Jnr
  4. Eddie Dennis
  5. Pete Dunne
  6. RJ Singh
  7. Robbie X
  8. Mark Haskins
  9. El Ligero
  10. Ryan Smile
  11. Stixx
  12. Damian Dunne
  13. T-Bone
  14. Mark Andrews
  15. Bubblegum

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