The Price Is Right

Added by Melanie Price

Hello all, I was contacted by Stu at The Indy Corner some weeks ago about writing a column for the site, honestly I’m so flattered to be asked and it’s quite touching that people care what I have to say. I’ll be discussing things all Britwres with maybe a bit of outside news thrown in here and there.

Now I’ve been around Britwres a number of years, originally a product of the Futureshock training school, I’ve worked for various promotions in my time including NGW, FWA, GPW, HOPE, PCW & HXC but what I’m best known for is still my work at Futureshock as valet to the fabulous tag team The Models  who are Joey Hayes & Danny Hope. Now I don’t intend to talk about myself a load in this column but you know…thought you might want the back story haha. Valeting was never something I set out to be really, but it’s funny how jobs can sometimes find you. All I ever wanted to do was wrestle but when suffering a long term shoulder problem, I was very lucky to have my management jobs to fall back on, and you know what? I’ve learned a shed load more in my time as manager about promos, match structure, psychology and character from managing than I ever did wrestling. I think managers sometimes don’t get enough credit on the scene, you have some companies who only want to pay for the wrestlers and not the whole act, but the joke is on them when matches that had mediocre heat could’ve got way more of a reaction had they appreciated the role of a good manager. I see most good managers never really venture out of their local areas for work and that makes me sad. I’d like to see guys like Harvey Dale and Chris Egan work more down south, Kev Cash up in Hull spread his wings and guys like Jamie Kennedy up in Scotland get a few more English gigs. It might be too late now but I’d like 2016 to be the year of the wrestling manager. With the success of people like Paul Heyman currently in WWE and more recently Lana, not forgetting how well Maria is doing in ROH and New Japan. Considering there are enough promotions over here that like the basic structure of WWE I’d like them to realise the importance of a good wrestling manager. Get them booked!

On that note I’ll be signing off, back with another topic next week. Feel free to ask me any questions on twitter @melanieprice01, and if you’re free this Saturday get yourselves down to Futureshock Wrestling in Prestwich where The Models and I will be in attendance.

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