The Price Is Right

Added by Melanie Price

So this week at Futureshock Wrestling my charges (Danny Hope and Joey Hayes) The models (after a long running saga of unprovoked attacks, belt robberies and general confusion) found out they are set to face The American Wolves at the anniversary show on August 22nd in a TLC match. This is exciting news for the guys, to be able to go toe to toe with a tag team people consider the best in the world, and on a personal note I am looking forward to valeting this match.

This leads me into the subject of Imports in British Wrestling. Although everyone is ooohing and aaahing over the fact the Wolves will be in Manchester, it is a credit to Joey and Danny they are the team selected to partake in this match, however should The Models feel inferior to The Wolves? No, they should not. The Wolves are the more well known team due to TV but it doesn’t mean they are the better one.

But better can have many meanings, better in ring ability, better CV, work better as a unit, better drawing power? The Wolves tick alot of them boxes but had the Models got more exposure would things be different? Are you automatically guaranteed more exposure being from America?

I, on the whole think that Imports if used right are good for Britwres, but I wouldn’t recommend promoters use their kitty on a load of randomers.

There is definitely a place for Supershow style shows where the fans might be more swayed to buy a ticket if there is a few wrestlers they want to meet, but my heart lies with just bringing maybe one or two foreign talents and using them to boost their own current product.

Get the name value, and pit them against the most suited home grown opponent, and sure advertise the meet and greet packages, but also make an effort to advertise the match, i’d wish for promoters to pit their talent on par with said star and watch their star rise too.

End of the day you find a lot of Britwres fans (myself included) never would’ve even discovered the scene if it wasn’t for the import advertisements. Promoters use them to get the fans in the door and let them discover the kick arse product you have when the American isn’t over!

So on Aug 22nd I hope the fans buy tickets to see The Wolves but leave wanting to keep seeing The Models.

Catch me at @Grandpro wrestling in Wigan on Fri 24th July and Sun 26th July at Stockport for Futureshock.

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