The Mexican Aristocrat: All Hail El Patron

Added by Jack Cinnamond

“Who is Alberto El Patron?” That’s a question only people who have lived under a rock for the past year or so ask because let’s be honest with ourselves, Alberto El Patron (or Alberto Del Rio) is absolutely killing the game right now, overkill to be exact.

It’s true, I ordered House Of Hardcore’s first IPPV and that moment when Alberto and Ricardo (Rodriguez) stood up to Brian Myers and then there was a sense that Alberto wouldn’t be allowed to have a physical in ring incident due to his WWE Clauses, which everyone was wrong when Del Rio knocked Myers senseless.

I mean, I liked Alberto when he was in the E but let’s face it they didn’t treat him well (Allegedly worse) but he’s been on fire since leaving. I’m very cultured with my rasslin’ and so I ordered AAA’s Triplemania iPPV which didn’t really work (that’s a whole different story) and I saw Alberto come out and get into that physical scuffle with El Texano and I thought “Gee, wouldn’t it be great to see Alberto on the US/UK indies” and quicker than you could say this entire article in Spanish, he arrived on the US scene.

Alberto has also been known as Dos Caras Jr. Which he worked under a mask before heading to WWE in 2010. He also did a small portion of MMA which he is reportedly looking to return to.

The Future is extremely bright for Alberto, he may even capture the ROH World Television Championship from Jay Lethal at ROH’s 13th Anniversary Show in March, which would be a wonder to see.

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