The Ligero Conspiracy

Added by Matt Bayliss

“The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero is one of the most prolific wrestlers in British wrestling, possibly in ALL of wrestling. Chances are if you are going to a wrestling show this weekend he will be on the card, or at least that’s the way it seems. I am pretty sure that there is a default “Ligero” setting that is built in to any poster software to just pop his horned image in nice and easily.

If you stop and think about the miles that need to be covered, not to mention the physical toll of wrestling match after match it is some feat for any one person. I have seen Ligero in multiple cities for pretty much every promotion you can think of, he puts himself at risk in every match and takes some brutal beatings from often much larger opponents – my first time seeing him at a full show was the AWW 9th Anniversary show in Wolverhampton when he took on Big, Bad Dave Mastiff. If you have been under a sizeable rock for the last few years Dave Mastiff is …. Big … and Bad! He is one hell of a performer and I am yet to see a match where he has not genuinely looked like he wants to kill his opponent. The end to the match in AWW saw Ligero the victim of a Mastiff cannon ball in the corner, now surely this will take its toll – strip away any of the negativity about wrestling being “fake” or whatever and think about this move, it will hurt! Now imagine this week in, week out, multiple times per weekend, even per day quite often if you look at his match listings.

It struck me a little while ago that there is a simple answer to it … THERE IS MORE THAN ONE EL LIGERO!!

You may laugh this off and simply dismiss it, or you may be reading this and suddenly share in my revelation! Either way unless you know for a fact then you cannot totally deny it! I have pieced together a case in favour of this possible reality which I will share with you now.

We’ll start simple, the mask – nobody really knows what he looks like so how can anybody say for sure it is the same person? It would be easy to get matching tattoos, go out to any typical night club and you will see plenty of people matching body art.

Colour coding – various, different coloured wrestling gear could be significant, each colour could be representative of a different Ligero. I have noticed some differences in attitude when seeing the different coloured Ligero’s

Regular shows in London, the Midlands, Hull, the North East, Scotland … even been known to appear in France and beyond. Not to mention being a trainer at the NGW academy in Hull when he is not performing. There simply seems to be no logistical way for him to be in so many places. I get tired driving to and from shows or meetings without the physical exertion!
I have never seen him “take it easy” in a match or go half speed – each and every match is fought tooth and nail. There seems to be no period of burn-out or rest days.

In addition to that, I am not aware of him missing any shows through injury or even showing signs of being injured. Many other top stars have been forced to take time off or work visibly injured, but not Ligero. Either he is incredibly lucky, scarily resilient or there is more than one!

Crowd photos, crowd photos at every show yet nobody ever sees him taking them!

The Mexican Sensation seems to be immune from the regular heat that people give to imports, it’s something that is used a lot across the British scene yet his name is never mentioned at all. The name is a bit of a giveaway! This could be to save any confusion or inconsistencies in reactions and so on.

Have you ever heard El Ligero speak? Other than “Arriba” he is a man of few words even though he would seem to understand the English language quite well based on his silent, Charlie Chaplin-esque interactions with fans and opponents alike. Maybe in the interests of maintaining the illusion no Ligero is allowed to speak as they have different levels of English or Mexican … maybe one is high helium pitched and another is more like Low-Ki?

The tell-tale signs are there, just stop and think about it. Then think about this, how far does the conspiracy go? Do the promoters around the country know? What about the different coloured ring gear? If you watch closely do you see different behaviours or performances? If this is the case it would imply that the conspiracy runs deeper as it would mean promoters are in on it too – booking the Ligero that suits them best!

You may still disagree with me, but to put it in context what is the alternative to this is that El LIgero is one man, a true warrior who travels the length and breadth of the country putting on 5 Star matches with anybody and everybody regardless of size, style or gender all whilst being genuinely entertaining and accommodating to fans everywhere.

I have seen El Ligero battle so many times but never get tired of seeing him, he may be billed as a high flyer but I have seen some great technical battles as well as some hard hitting “slobber knockers.” If there is only one El Ligero then he thoroughly deserves his spot at the top of the industry.

Which is easier to believe?

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