The Indy Project #5

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Welcome to the now bi-weekly Indy Project with me, Ian Wadsworth. With the change to every other week I hope the columns will be more in-depth and packed out. I also don’t want you getting sick of me do I? So, possible spoilers ahead, let’s get going..


Ultima Lucha and thus season 3 has now concluded and as a whole it has been quite an underwhelming season, especially compared to season 1. The Trios title win for The Mac, Killshot and Dante Fox was well done on the night in a very exciting match, but felt extremely thrown together and rushed. Pentagon Dark vs Son of Havoc in a ladder match was one of the matches I was most looking forward to but ultimately didn’t live up to my personal hype and left me disappointed. Episode 4 was the huge 2 hour event, but every match contained interference, the blood and violence continued at an absurd level and all this just left me completely drained. The novelty has worn away, season 1 only went to this amount of brutality with the Pentagon/Vampiro story and it worked. I at least sat expecting Johnny Mundo v Prince Puma to be a straight up lucha wrestling match but alas we got more interference and after Puma regained the championship, Dario Cueto for the hundredth time came out and announced a career v career match with Pentagon Dark. Although it’s great to see Pentagon win the championship, I was numb by this point.

With no confirmation for season 4 as of writing, it currently isn’t looking good for Lucha Underground. LU may have it’s issues but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a hugely innovative show and it would be a damn shame if a renewal didn’t materialize.


Ring of Honor had a couple of Global Wars shows and I caught up on the Columbus and Chicago editions. Can we talk about how much WWE have played into Bullet Clubs hands recently? The firing of Jimmy Jacobs and the Cease and Desist over the use of the 2 sweet gimmick has just gone a long way in making The Bullet Club more over than ever. These Global Wars shows were basically Bullet Club takeover shows, and what a riot they were. The shows sold out based on the name of Kenny Omega, who outside of the WWE is the biggest draw in wrestling in my eyes, Cody referenced Roman Reigns, albeit not by name and the Young Bucks were throwing around 1 sweets left right and centre. Bullet Club are white hot right now and I can’t wait to follow this journey. Did I mention how good Kenny Omega is?

Dear Kenny, I’m writing to tell you that I lo….

Matches to go and check out are Bullet Club v Flip Gordon and Best Friends from Columbus and Will Ospreay v Flip Gordon at Chicago. Flip had somewhat of a breakout showing here with a number of fantastic matches.


KUSHIDA vs Will Ospreay from NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling

It is amazing to think that Will Ospreay has only been wrestling around 5 year’s, the things he can do in the ring and the way he consistently puts his body on the line is incredible, maybe not wise, but incredible. These 2 did so many innovative moves in this match that left my jaw agape. Chuck this on the pile of stellar NJPW matches in 2017. Congrats on the win Will Ospreay!

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