The Indy Project #1

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Welcome to the debut edition of The Indy Project with me, Ian Wadsworth. This is my weekly column where, as a male human with a baby on the way, I will try and catch up on all of the weekly goings on in the Independent Wrestling scene and also provide you with my match of the week to go and check out. Naturally, spoilers ahead. Let’s get going-


The break after the unbelievable G1 Climax is over and New Japan are back with the Road to Destruction. The first of which was Destruction in Fukushima in what turned out to be a largely underwhelming event, main evented by Michael Elgin taking on Minoru Suzuki for the NEVER Openweight title. After all the incredible events New Japan have put together this year, this main event didn’t quite live up to the hype, with outside interference and shenanigans being the focal point of this match. This event is absolutely skippable, but check back next week for my coverage of Destruction in (I drop bombs like) Hiroshima, which promises to be fantastic, with Hiroshi Tanahashi defending his IC Title against UK’s own Zack Sabre Jr.


The UK’s number 1 Indy promotion, Progressp Wrestling, had their biggest event of the year this past weekend at Alexandra Palace infront of over 2000 people in what sounds like one of the wrestling shows of the year. Be sure to check this column in the coming weeks for my thoughts on the event once it has arrived on demand-progress. During the show Progress announced that in September next year they will be at Wembley Arena. Insane.

One event I did manage to watch this week was PROGRESS New York. From the opening moment when I saw Jim in the ring and the New York crowd going crazy I got chills, I’ve been watching Progress since chapter 13 many years ago and to see them grow at the pace they are doing is something special. This event is extra special considering all that went on behind the scenes. If you haven’t heard the Tuesday Night Jaw podcast where Jim, John and Glenn cover all the disasters that went on during the US tour, I seriously suggest that you go and have a listen. The whole card top to bottom was stellar but match of the night has to go to Walter vs Matt Riddle for the Atlas Title, absolutely brutal physicality.


Take away the G1 Climax and PWG’s Battle Of Los Angeles is possibly the top pro wrestling tournament in the world. This year’s event sounds like it delivered in a big way as usual, with Ricochet coming out on top as the tournaments first ever 2 time winner. It looks like WWE may be on the horizon next for Ricochet. It will be a good while before BOLA is available to the fans but I will cover it as soon as possible.


The Mae Young Classic is must watch. A terrific tournament that is amazing in every way for women’s wrestling. My MVP of the tournament was Toni Storm, but the match of the tournament has to be the live final between Sane and Bazsler that had the Smackdown crowd eating out of the palm of their hands by the end of the match. Thumbs up all round apart from Jim Ross, who was just awful on commentary for the whole tournament, and bah gawd I never thought I’d say that!


My trivia question of the week is from TNA and NO CHEATING PLEASE. Send me your answers at the handles I’ve shared at the bottom of this column. Shoutouts next week.

Who ended Crimson’s undefeated streak in TNA?

MATCH OF THE WEEK (All matches of the week available to watch through a solid Google search)
MOTW – Walter vs Matt Riddle (PROGRESS NYC)

ARCHIVE MOTW – In honour of PWG BOLA, the main event from BOLA 2016 night 2, Young Bucks and Adam Cole vs Ricochet, Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay. This match is literally the most ridiculous match I have ever seen. A ludicrous spot fest in the best kind of way.

I appreciate you giving up your time to read this and hope that you come back next week. If you want me to cover anything in a future column or have any questions/disagreements, hit me up on my Twitter or Instagram, both @wadji1. Or email me at