The Importance Of Independent Wrestling

Added by Nathan Cruz

Yes it may seem strange that I; one of the members of screw Indy, would write a column on the importance of independent wrestling, but first let me just clarify the whole point of the screw Indy wrestling campaign.

Both my self and Haskins are independent wrestlers who work the European scene. We rely on independent wrestling promotions to earn a steady living from out chosen career path until something bigger comes along. “Indy” however has sort of become a word to describe a certain of style of wrestling. I’ve heard it a billion times in the back “oh he’s well Indy” Usually means that their matches consist of many ‘highspots’ fast paced tech and an appalling amount of meaningless leg slapping to try make their weak strikes look impressive. All the while forgetting to tell a story and use proper psychology.

There’s also the image that comes along with this and the acceptance of a guy who weighs ten stone on his best day as long as he has some cool moves. Our anger was never directly aimed at anyone, of course it was a rip off of defend Indy wrestling, but that was a marketing tool. Do I agree with them flying themselves places? Fuck no. But our cause was never to try and tarnish the Independent British scene, but however to benefit it; which brings me to my point of how important Independent wrestling is.

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Some maybe genetically gifted that you can walk into the WWE performance centre for a tryout, they’ll take one look at their impressive image and bang, they are now training in the top facility in the world. Others need to (or want to) explore the world and gain experience. Independent wrestling is the platform to make mistakes, to try out new things, to cut your teeth and most importantly; LEARN.

Baz Luhrmann once said “be careful who’s advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it.” This couldn’t be more true in wrestling. As much as we are there to entertain the audience; no one can afford to let them be the ones who tell you what to do. If you’d rather take the advice of a fan over someone who’s been around in the job for a lengthy time.. Then you’re an idiot. And sadly this does happen because people just want to get over.

Independent wrestling can be the suede of the next big stars and there’s so many people with the potential to become those stars. However it all comes done to being smart, learning properly and becoming a worker and not a spot monkey. People can criticise that view all they want, but that’s what I did; and by 19 I was doing this as my full-time job. Because I learnt how to become diverse, tell simple stories and use psychology in my matches, it all helped me get further to the point that I continued to learn and develop those skills. And I’m still learning of course, you never stop learning in wrestling, everyone knows me knows that I can be my worst critic at times. Picky is perfection; and Independent shows are the best way to watch your self back and be hard on yourself or get someone with more experience to watch it back with you for pointers. It’s obvious if you’re reading this you support Independent wrestling, and for that I’d like to say a personal thank you giving me that opportunity to perform and get to this stage of my career.

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