The Golden Truth with Harvey Dale – Episode 5

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We Made it

Well, after 2 weeks of solid promotion and encouraging people to watch our video, then head over to the PCW Facebook page to cast their vote…..I am pleased to be able to say, for the record that, WE DID IT!!! Battle Squad : Awesome & their new sidekick will be in attendance to debut at Preston City Wrestling on March 1st! All I can say is thank you to all those who took the time to watch the video and cast their vote. I promise that both Danny Chase & Dave Andrews will give you something special and are entering into this opportunity with their eyes wide open as to what a huge opportunity this is to get seen by some new fans. Watch this space as their ‘preparation story’ shall unfold over a series of small videos over the next few weeks. Are they in with a chance of walking away with the PCW Tag Team Titles on their debut? Time will tell!

With this massive news now being official, I have been asked several times this week as to what my own involvement shall be with BS:A and how I intend to influence the outcome of this huge match….will it be Harvey Dale or “Tasselman” appearing at PCW on the 1st…. well…. I can confirm one thing… Tasselman – the ONLY Tasselman needed by PCW shall be on the card…as he always is….. Mr Danny Hope, who I think most can agree, had one of the real ‘breakout’ years of his career in 2013, really cementing himself as one of the UK’s top performers. Why do I like guys like Danny Hope so much? Aside from the obvious love of tassels, Danny is one of those guys that gives you personality in abundance every time he sets foot in the squared circle, for a while he was often referred to as ‘Joey Hayes partner in The Models’ but Danny took the bull by the horns last year and broke away from that stigma to show people that aside from being one half of one of the UK’s best and most recognisable tag teams, he is a stand out singles performer on his own. I for one was stoked to see that Fludder has put so much faith in him and that he is getting a shot at Mike Bennett on the Road To Glory Weekend….now that name may not mean a lot to many of you….but his girlfriend on the other hand….former WWE Diva and Playboy cover girl, Maria Kanellis shall be at ringside…. I can only begin to imagine the fun and the mayhem that Danny Hope can cause with that!

To me, a wrestler who has personality and can give the crowd the ‘entertainment’ factor that they want is a must for any show. It is all very well having your Zack Sabre Jr’s (for a UK example) or your Prince Devitt’s who will always pull you out this 5 star ‘wrestling match’ but where does that leave a crowd after seeing 3 or 4 of these matches in a row? It leaves a crowd needing to be worked…. cue a guy like Mad Man Manson, who has made a career out of being ‘the entertainer’ – I challenge a single UK wrestling fan to sit through a Manson match and not be entertained, no matter how many times you hear him yell “shall I?” You will still always find yourself yelling back “Yes.” That ability for a wrestler to interact with a crowd and make them feel part of the show is something that seems to be more and more scarce these days. With the emergence of this ‘Strong Style’ of working where guys seem to want to knock 7 bells out of each other and the desire to take to the air more and more, we seem to be losing focus on one of the key elements of why we all fell in love with wrestling in the first place…. because it ENTERTAINED us. There is a superb promo video that led up to the Manson vs Joseph Conners “Blindfold Match” at Southside last year floating around on YouTube – link

If you have never seen, I implore you to take 3 minutes out of your life to watch. Probably one of my favourite ever promo videos and a true testament to how entertaining a decently structured wrestling promo can be. I have probably seen it 20 times and it still makes me laugh every time without fail.

So….as usual, we cover the good….. and now I must bring myself crashing down again and have a rant about some of the idiotic things that I have seen this week. Yesterday I heard that Ross Jones – known to most of you as RJ Singh had been targetted by one of these “StrawbWatch-esque” pages called “Shit Wrestlers Exposed” – now to anyone who knows Ross or has seen him work, will again understand the amount of emphasis Ross puts on ENTERTAINING the crowd. I was a fan from the very first time I saw him wrestle and with news of his pending retirement at the end of this year, I can honestly say that British Wrestling is losing a true performer, who no matter what he is doing, always gives the fans 110%. As if targeting Ross wasn’t bad enough, my own mentor and the man by which I tend to judge most talent that I see by, Stixx (with a rather fetching picture of both him and myself) appeared on the page……come on…. seriously? STIXX? The guy who has gone toe to toe with Davey Richards, Chris Masters, Super Crazy, Jigsaw, Kevin Steen, Colt Cabana etc…the list is endless, the guy who has had STAND OUT matches with Mark Haskins, been a champion in some of the biggest companies in this country…is a ‘Shit Wrestler Exposed’??? Who the hell thinks up this shit? I have a theory whenever I watch someone these days, “If Stixx can’t get a good match out of (insert name here), then that guy must be utter balls” – luckily enough, 9 times out of 10, Stixx can get a good match out of anybody….and I will tell you why……

I am going to use MK McKinnan as an example, but hear me out before deciding that I must be saying “MK is a shit wrestler” – that is NOT at all what I am saying… I am using this theory as an example to show the versatility of a guy like Stixx and just what it is that makes him so dam good at what he does. MK is, to me, in the same kind of bracket as your Pete Dunne’s, Zack Sabre Jr’s, Robbie X’s etc….. swift, high impact offence and a lot of carefully placed kicks etc. A match with one of these guys in and you can pretty much say what kind of ‘style’ you are going to witness. So…when Southside decided to put on MK vs Stixx (being a first time ever meeting), I heard a lot of people grumble and wonder exactly ‘how’ the match would go and if being in with a heavyweight guy like Stixx would simply stifle what MK could do and be a bit of a ‘dud’….that couldn’t be farther from the truth and is a total credit to both guys with the results that were achieved that day. Sitting backstage with them planning the match, as I was to accompany Stixx to the ring as always, it became clear to me that no matter what size/style of guy Stixx was to come up against, he ALWAYS had a plan and a way to make his opponent come away from the match looking like a million quid, win or lose! I won’t give too much away of how the match went down as again, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it, to give it a watch…it was from a Huntingdon show last year . If a guy, the size of Stixx, can work a guy of just about any size and still manage to make a crowd believe that he can be beaten, how on earth can he be a ‘shit wrestler exposed?’ – as I said, it just baffles me that there are these idiots who clearly have no understanding of what they are watching and too much time on their hands can have the audacity to put such crap all over the internet!

I will close my discussion on this idiotic page by saying that another HOP lad, formerly known as “Kid Danger” also then managed to find his way onto this moron’s radar….showing just how inaccurate and out of date this idiot’s knowledge is…. “Kid Danger” who at the time was just FOURTEEN years old, now wrestles for HOP as “Gabriel Kidd” and is one half of the reigning tag team champions, a young lad who is not only suprememly talented but is one hell of a nice lad aswell….now at the ripe old age of 16 and striving to better himself on a daily basis, training at one of the top schools in the country and giving his all every time he trains or steps out in front of a crowd….oh and yes… the “Ronald McDonald On Crack” mask has long since gone! I say to you… Mr “Shit Wrestlers Exposed” – if you want to sit and have a dig at people…. at least have the common fucking courtesy to actually know who and what the fuck you are going on about, you utter, utter Strawb!

So….what for me this week? I am SO pleased to be debuting for the phenomenal “Future Pro Wrestling” in London on Sunday, it has been one of my major goals to break London this year and to be invited to work at such a professionally run promotion who draw superb crowds is a great honour. I shall be joining the ‘shit wrestler’ himself along with Iestyn Rees at ringside as they take on the legends that are, former TNA Superstar Doug Williams and “The Wonderkid” himself…Jonny Storm….and in all honesty… I cannot wait! If you wish to hear what the man himself has to say out the upcoming match…with a little appearance from yours truly…scroll to 9m56s into this video

and you will find out for yourselves….of course…the best thing you could do is watch the video from start to finish… then buy a ticket and see us down there!!!

For now though, I shall leave you in peace. As always, thanks for reading and many thanks to Stu at The Indy Corner for the webspace 😉

Until Next Week…

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