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Firstly I would like to express my joy in returning to write for The Indy Corner. As much as I enjoyed writing the weekly columns previously, I found it to become increasingly more difficult to think of new subjects each week that I could find as an expressive opinion and not just one mans point of view (if that makes any sense).

However I thought much like my original trainer and long term mentor, El Ligero, I could write a weekly column that document my life travelling on the road (or in the air) and my commitment to chasing my dream.

Now of course this would have been more interesting back when I was a full-time professional wrestler (that’s right I tapped out and got a day job in early 2014… shameful) but despite juggling a second job, a mortgage and an engagement; I still pride my self on primarily being a pro wrestler, climbing towards my goal of getting to WWE’s developmental system and enjoying the fantastic ride that I partake along the way. That said, this past weekend…

I can hand on heart say that this past weekend has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding weekends I have had in my career. It started out with me leaving the day job at 4. Training legs, getting to sleep at 10pm to wake at 1:30am. After a rushed breakfast, I suited up, kissed my fiancée goodbye and jumped in the car and my mother-in-law to be dropped me at Manchester airport where I met up with the lovely Toni Storm. I’ve met Toni a few times but this was the first that we had actually spent time travelling away together, she’s funny girl! Arrived at Rome 10:15 (Italian time) waited for Mark Haskins to land, then we were picked up, in a Mercedes Benz and taken to our hotel.

Roomed with Haskins, which I was pleased about as Mark and I don’t get to see Mark as much as we used to of each other and enjoy catching up, talking wrestling and doing our usual stick of cracking each other up.

The promotion that had flown us out there are named EPW (European Pro Wrestling) they had spared no expense to create a professional looking set up to match their star line up of matches which featured guys and girls from across the globe.

Haskins and my self were placed second on the card and were asked to have a falls count anywhere match. I love competing against Mark, we both have an attention to detail, he is very creative and I feel the stories that are produced from our contests are always entertaining. Both of us are very physical in our approach to in ring competition (Mark more so since he has started BJJ training) so much so that by the opening two minutes of the match, my lips was bleeding and Marks back was already welted. That aside we had a great match against each other, one that the 700+ fans in attendance seemed to also enjoy. The night was then made better by Nixon Newall approaching me with the information that upstairs there was more free food for the wrestlers as well as free beer! It’s safe to say that EPW treat us very well and I can’t wait to return to Italy and compete for them again!

The following morning I woke at 6am. Jumped in a mini bus where Nixon, Toni and myself were dropped at Rome airport for our return to the UK. I had to give in to the hunger and settle for food that may not have set well with my diet, but hey… I’m a growing lad and some food is better than no food!

2 and a half hour flight back and I was back in Blighty. Got my self a large coffee (Italians do not do large coffee) boarded a train to Manchester Piccadilly. Picked up some food and jumped on my train down to London.

I arrived at London Euston just as the PROGRESS

show was starting, so unfortunately I had to miss the reveal of Dave Mastiff joining The Origin.

After quickly commuting my way through the underground, I arrived at The Electric Ballroom, in Camden for one of my favourite promotions; PROGRESS!

A little side story. When I was selling my merchandise in Italy, a few fans approached me and said “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow”. After a brief chat they revealed to me that they would be leaving that sports centre, getting to the train station and commuting over night to London so they can go to PROGRESS… it really is THAT big of a deal! Coupled with the fact that there is a PROGRESS in Spanish, twitter page that has been created by the Spanish following, it was truly outstanding to see the reach this promotion has and how vastly they have grown in just over three years.

That being said, it is reasons such as that why I love going out and being the absolute best in my role.

Now recently I have not really enjoyed being in front of the PROGRESS audience (this is not a reflection on the promotion) I have found the more modern PROGRESS fans to be rather selfish and more focused on getting their next witty chant over than actually enjoying the show. So much so that upon my return earlier this year, many previous fans had inboxed my twitter to say how pleased they was I was back but will only check it out on the on demand service as they felt the live atmosphere has been ruined. The point I am getting to hear is that this past Sunday I felt the audience had calmed down slightly in that regard and did just enjoy the show and enjoyed abusing The Origin or perhaps the match was just to chaotic for them to try get a chant in.

Few things I took from this match. Firstly; I loved it. We went out there, literally tore up the building and I had blast doing so. Secondly, the three members that are so far part of ‘The Origin Army’ are three people that I couldn’t have hand selected better my self. We all have one common goal; to be hated.

Thirdly, I love fighting with Tommy End, as much as he loves fighting with me. The instant he came out I targeted him and he targeted me. It’s no secret now to how good Tommy is. I first saw him in 2011 at a show in Barcelona we were both a part of. I enjoyed his stuff then and now I love it. He has truly got HIM down to a tee as I have with Cruz, so the combination of that and two guys who just want to give their everything makes for something special. I hope to compete a lot more with Tommy in the future.

The closing moment of that match was of the four of us stood on the stage, empty cups, streamers and abuse getting thrown our way. I couldn’t have been any more in the moment, I admire those guys, I enjoy surrounding my self with that calibre of talent and I love working for PROGRESS. After that I quickly showered, packed and raced off to London Kings Cross to catch my train home.

As I sat on my final connecting train from Doncaster back to Hullywood, I had time to sit and reflect on what an enjoyable, exhausting yet hugely rewarding weekend I had. How grateful I am and how much I am enjoying the journey to the final destination.

I love this job.

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