The Goings On Of The Showstealer Nathan Cruz

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Forgive me for the delay in this post, but as the New Year has set in I have found my self been very busy more so on the business side of this job. Between arranging flights, trains, bookings, recording for a DVD as well as chasing old footage; I’ve had very little time to actually sit at a computer with my mug of black coffee a post ‘The Goings On Of The Showstealer Nathan Cruz’.

The first show of the New Year for me saw me fly out to Germany for Maximum Wrestling, who run a nightclub in Kiel. This was my first time working for them and I was very excited about going out there and making an impression. It was a very tiring weekend however, I was up at 4am to get to Manchester airport for around 6am. Flew to Amsterdam, waited for an hour for my connecting flight to Hamburg. I met up with a friend from Sweden who was on the same connecting flight to Germany. Fabian Puerrgo; is one of the most animated and fun loving guys I have ever met. I first met him at our first WWE try out in 2014. Truth be told we all thought ‘Big Fabs’ was a tad weird and didn’t quite get him. However when he came over the following year to work for Dixon in 2015, I got to know him a lot more and spend more time with him. The guy cracks me up so much. Never heard a negative word to come from his mouth, he just loves that he gets to do this and likes to enjoy what he does as well as work very hard on improving in the ring.

We arrived in Hamburg and met up with the promoter Marcus. Lovely fella and spoke perfect English. We took an hour drive through a very wintery Hamburg to Kiel. The venue reminded me a lot of the city hall nightclub in Barcelona that I wrestled in back in 2011. I asked what the audience were like and was told to expect a more student fan base. Brilliant, I was working heel, on first in front of drunk, wrestling fan, students… It was like preparing for PROGRESS. The audience were very much like a PROGRESS crowd but were not as clued up and ate up a lot of the easy spots (such as my arse out spot) which made the match against Andre Trucker very enjoyable and fun. The promoter and Andre were very happy with the match and we discussed more dates for my eventual return to Germany later this year.

After a few hours kip, Fabs and myself were dropped off at Hamburg airport and then we flew back to Amsterdam and parted ways. Landed in Manchester were I was greeted by my fiancée with chicken and spinach sandwiches… almost made up for the fact I had to sit through Justin Beiber’s recent album.

The following weekend (just gone) saw me wake up at 5:30 Saturday morning to set off to Liverpool to take training for All-Star Wrestling. I’ve had a well-documented working relationship with All-Star for many years now. It was rewarding to know that I’m held in high regard to come and pass on the knowledge I have picked up in my 9 year career to young hopefuls. It was fun class, I focused more on teaching them more little details in the ring along with a bit of promo work which they had never done before. After this there was a kid’s birthday party. All-Star offer a party package for kids. You get a match and a safe and controlled experience in the ring with the wrestlers. As well as food and other wrestling goodies. I had never done one of these before. I’ve wrestled in front of audiences of all kinds but this was a new one for me. Dean and I put on a 25 minute contest of moistly sports entertainment fun, in which a kid was allowed to climb in the ring and kick me in the balls… yeah that was fun. I spent the night at Dean and Letitia’s beautiful home. They fed me well, I fell in love with their dogs and Dean and I watched wrestling until my eyelids began to get heavy; it was a boss end to a boss day.

The following morning I woke at 6:30. Had my breakfast and began the journey down to London. Arrived at progress very excited about my match that day. First and foremost I love doing the Origin group and love teaming with ligs. Also I really rate Eddie Dennis. I think he is one of the best guys out there at the moment, so any chance I have to get in there with him, I get excited about giving him a great match. I also felt that Mark Andrews and I never really got the opportunity to really go at it and that was part the motivation behind screw Indy. I remember first watching Mark perform in a ladder match at Brit Wres Fest in 2012 and saying to Dean Allmark “He’s got something about him.” We have had encounters in the past but this was the first opportunity to actually scratch the surface. But that what I loved so much about this, we just scratched the surface of what all four of us could do. We delivered a very solid match, one that we was all very proud of, but we knew that if this came back to another round, we could go even further.

I shot off after the match as did Ligs and Andrews but before I left my self and Eddie had a really good conversation about how much the job has changed and what our opinions of it are.

One thing we discussed was what makes someone good or even the best? For me it’s a someone who can literally do anything a promoter needs them to do. Be a heel, be a babyface, be a first match guy, be a main event, do a wrestling match, do a comedy match, do a big guy little guy match, wrestle a midget, put a woman over, hardcore, high spots, do promos, etc you get where I’m going right? Be diverse and perfect everything to the best of your ability. It’s something that has certainly gave me longevity and I can do all of those if asked of me. Can I wrestle as well as Ringo Ryan or Zack Sabre Jr? No. Can I high fly as well as Mandrews or Osprey? No. but I can wrestle well. I can do a few flips if needed and I’m quite good at this character stuff. That’s not me saying I’m the best by the way, Rampage Brown is the best. But that’s my standpoint on how I determine who is good or not.

Overall I have had a very tiring couple of weekends. Looking forward to a local job this weekend as NGW films their next TV taping in Pudsey where I shall be taking on Scottish star, Lionhart!


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