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You will never stop learning in this job. That is THE single biggest piece of advice I could offer to anyone. Always be on the look to improve and better yourself as a performer. This past week was a true example of that, as we begin this past Wednesday; when I took part in the guest NGW seminar with Rhyno.

Anyone who takes the time to read these will know who Rhyno is. Former ECW & TNA talent who first debuted in WWE at the tail end of the Monday night wars. Recently he has been seen as part of NXT in an aid to help develop younger upcoming talent. In short, the man has a lot to offer and a lot he can teach.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I pretty much live this job/dream/career call it what you will. But I think that if I wrote an article each week about my food consumption, what wrestling I watched and researched this past week, my time in the gym, at the wrestling academy in Hull etc it would not make for a very interesting article. However of course with such things as a guest seminar; it’s something I find worth talking about.

All in all the seminar was very well attended and Rhyno himself was a very fun guy to be around. As much as it was good having him go through a few drills with us, the true learning I found came after when we could each pick his brain. Questions coming from all directions and answers and advice that either made you really think or gave you a better understanding of something you may be already putting into practice. Of course I can’t speak for everyone on that matter but that was my take on things for not only me but a few of the lads there that was taking part in the seminar.

One thing that did grind my gears was punters who paid for the seminar so they could spectate. Now if I was in charge, that wouldn’t be a thing at all. But I understand to afford to have these guest seminars you need to bring as much cash to afford them and the costs of running the building. BUT; these are not for you. Meet and greets are. When our advice time is taken up by pointless questions such as “what was it like to perform at Wrestle Mania?” it becomes VERY irritating. Stars like this do meet and greets and appear at shows across the country where they will most likely be doing merch. You can ask them whatever fan based questions you like then. When it comes to a seminar where he is trying to pass on advice and wisdom to young hopefuls; then stay away. You’re not taking bumps. You do not need to know in ring psychology or why we do certain things a certain way. Would you sit through a coronation street rehearsal? I doubt that you would.

My take on that is that they are a lot fans who are too scared to admit that they were not brave enough to make the effort to become a pro wrestler, yet still want to feel like that have an educated opinion to help their argument when trying to critique what we do.

None of the guys wrestle for a review and the few that do have zero respect from the people that truly matter in the industry. Who would I rather tell me they rate me, Robbie Brookside or Dave Meltzer? Robbie. Dixon or Brian Elliot? Dixon. It’s not a knock to them, but they will never be as clued up as the veterans that have done this, seen it all and seen success in doing so. The point is, as a fan, recognise your place. I have a close personal friend who is just a wrestling fan, he’s sat across the room from me right now as a matter of fact and he went on the biggest rant when he saw that fans attended that seminar to ‘spectate’ and gave me most of the material above because we both strongly agree on the matter. End of rant.

The session was boss, I learned a lot and I advise anyone who is currently trying to make this their career to attend any of his seminars or pick his brain if he is on the same bill as you.

Sunday saw the northern debut of PROGRESS Wrestling. PROGRESS have been hugely successful since their genesis back in 2012. Now the promotion is looking to expand with a clear business model to help make that a reality. The Ritz in Manchester was host to their first chapter outside of London. The venue is gorgeous, I mean it really is a spectacle in itself, but when PROGRESS rammed it with their fans and sold the building out, the atmosphere was that much better. I was ridiculously looking forward to this show. Mainly due to the fact that ‘The Origin’ is the most fun I think I have ever had with a character. In addition to the fact it was a new venue for PROGRESS to impress in and I was competing against two guys I hugely enjoy tying up with in Jack Gallagher and Eddie Dennis. And someone who I have always wanted to step in the ring with in Mark Andrews.

The enthusiasm and rowdy audience atmosphere that we are now becoming known to mock, belittle and insult as ‘The Origin’ had transferred well from the London audience to the Manchester crowd. Once again I had so much fun during the match. For how well I find the gimmick can help matches build, it barely seems like ‘work’ of any description. I just enjoy myself so much. Andrews in particular impressed me in how much he has developed since going over to the states. His in ring stuff looked far better and the few encounters him and I had in the match were really spot on.

By the end of the match we escaped with the victory with help from our fourth, Zack Gibson. I left with my eyebrow bleeding, but a very smug grin on my face.

We would later get involved in the main event which would feature Zack in a three way against Flash Morgan Webster and the defending champion Will Ospreay. It’s no secret that I highly rate Zack. He and I have had some classics in the past year and I love watching him work. Morgan, is also brilliant. I have so much time for that lad. I have never once watched him wrestle without noticing a definite improvement in his ability. The moment he comes to the back he asks anyone who watched for advice. That is why he is so good and I genuinely believe he will be a great success in the job.

PROGRESS have had yet another stellar year. I’m immensely happy to be back working for them and in a role that I quite frankly adore portraying. 2016 is already looking very exciting for them and I will be super excited to there and enjoying the ride each step of the way.

Also this past week, Ligero and myself were voted tag team of the month by fans who voted for the month of November. Not usually one to care much for these things, but to know that this is getting recognised not only by our peers but by fans is very rewarding… and also slightly annoying seeing as though we are generating enough heat at PROGRESS that you could catch a tan. That said; it’s just the way the job is these days I guess. Still hearing fans and even people that know me outside of the ring say that once I walk out in front of that crowd they just hate me, means I must be doing something right.

Lastly; this past weekend also saw the beginning of filming for my new DVD that will be released in March of next year. The DVD will be a three disc set featuring a documentary on my life and career, with interviews from some of the top guys in the industry who I have been fortunate enough to work with, for or spend time on the road with. I’m very excited about it and would like to thank PROGRESS for allowing the time and space for interviews to be conducted this past Sunday.

And that is it for this week. I will be teaming with Martin Kirby on Sunday at Leeds union for TIDAL Wrestling when we take on Damien Dunne and a seemingly rotating door of tag team partners. Seriously the poor guy is up to his third partner after Ryan Smile dropped out to be replaced by Chris Brookes who has now also been replaced with HT Drake.

To contact me for bookings (my 2016 is filling up. Tours planned to Germany, Italy, Denmark, India, South Africa as well my native UK ground) Fridays are at the moment the dates I am hoping to fill in.

So give me a shout!

I’m also on social media of course: @Nathan_Cruz90 Twitter & Instagram

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