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London, one of the most popular cities and tourist destinations in the world. Crammed with thousands of people from all walks of life and a very lengthy history that is teeming with character. That aside; I hate London! A city that is horrendous to drive through and a nightmare to park in. Filthy streets, ignorant people (I’m sure most of you reading this now are thinking ‘but you’re from Hull’ but I say, we didn’t get city of culture 2017 for nothing. Check it out, it’s worth the journey. So quite simply I’m made to be a heel in London. The PROGRESS audience are very much made up of London based or southern based fans; which are a group I find particularly easy to wind up.

PROGRESS is by no secret now, one of the biggest promotions in the world. Seriously. The reach they have is astonishing. I was performing in Italy a few months back before the previous PROGRESS show and some fans came up to me and said “we’ll see you tomorrow!” A group of Progress fans in Italy were making the journey to another country to come watch the show live. That is insane! Perhaps the London crowd shouldn’t be so upset about progress running Manchester and just make the journey if they love it so much?

That in mind, I was very excited about the show this weekend. Firstly, I love the Origin story and what we are able to do with it. Secondly, I absolutely love competing with the four guys who were in the ring with us this Sunday. In name; Rob Lynch & James Davies of the London Riots and SDS, which is the team of Michael Dante & Tommy End.

All of us were eager about the match and very excited to go out and give the show something completely different. From my point of view, to be the heel on the show. Now bear with me when I say this. When I am booked as a heel that is what I will do. I will work to get people to hate me. That is my job. The generation that seems to have crept in of being a cool heel and getting pops as a heel; infuriates me. Although, it has really helped in making sure that all members of The Origin are beginning to stand out for that purpose. We will not pander to an internet audience. That’s for the good guys. As the bad guys, we just want to piss them off and that is exactly what we did on Sunday.

The show displayed the strength of The origin, with all four of us picking up victories. Zack retaining his Natural Progression trophy and cashing in his opportunity this week in Manchester. Ligero and myself capturing the tag shields for a second time. The three way tag team match was very enjoyable. Again the level of competitor on both opposing teams made for a contest, which in my opinion, ticked all boxes.

I can’t say enough about the chemistry I seem to have with Tommy. There is some guys you get in the ring with and it just clicks. Both Tommy and I have mentioned this to each other before. It brings a new layer to the match when you have that with someone and each of you are trying to out class the other at the same time.

After much debate when I first returned to PROGRESS, I am now very much enjoying myself. The opportunity to point out the faults of many modern day wrestling fans, as such a horrible and dislikeable character is one all four of us are relishing in. I can say easily that I am having the most fun I have had with a character in a long time and I am truly excited about the development of PROGRESS Wrestling; which begins with it’s first leap out of London, when they travel to Manchester this weekend. The show is a sell out with all eyes on a promotion that is starting to grow… it’s going to be a good one.

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