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This weekend saw me defend my NGW Championship once more as we made the journey to Ormskirk, near Liverpool. NGW had ran this venue once before but this time returned with their ‘Proving Ground’ show.

Proving Ground began back in 2010 when the NGW academy started to pick up some steam and we could see one or two future stars developing. The idea was to bring them thr… the idea was NXT basically but on a MUCH smaller scale. At the time I was just an assistant coach there who would lead warm up drills. Proving Ground has been fundamental  in giving the trainees something to aim for and developing some great new talents.

Fun Fact: Ever wondered how Sam Wilder & Caz Crash became ‘The Proven’? After seeing the potential that they both had I was eager to see them breakout onto the main roster. I pitched the idea to Rich Dunn (NGW promoter) of having them come through with the story of now being better than proving ground because they have ‘proven’ themselves. There by becoming; The Proven… I’m still awaiting my free t-shirt.

Proving Ground has now become a very entertaining show that not only can give newer talents a stage in which they can try to progress onto the main roster, but also a way that NGW can move into new regions that they are featured on local TV networks. Just before the show Myers, poked his head through a gap in the curtain to see the draw. A little boy in the audience noticed him and screamed “oh my god it’s Matt Myers!” The reach NGW is now starting to get and how they present us is becoming very real in situations such as this.

I don’t think that anyone can deny that the show in Ormskirk was a top class show from top to bottom. Both Zack Gibson and myself competing between us to steal the show. CJ Banks once again proving why he has consistently being one of the country’s finest for many years. Liam Slater, bringing the party to open the show and setting an incredible atmosphere. Ace Matthews, making me proud in his singles outing and a professional set up that creates a true wrestling show atmosphere.

Thoroughly enjoyed the contest between myself and Juice. It had been quite some time since we both went up against each other so it was interesting to see how both of us had come in the past few years. The audience was well into it and there were a few people in who knew Juice from the local camp shows and refused to not get behind him. But that just added to the atmosphere of a title match.

All in all, a good Saturday and looking forward to this coming Saturday once again for NGW as I have a first time encounter against Scottish star; Lionheart. Should be interesting!

Also this week I found out I have a Wikipedia page! Chris Tasker, is a talented writer and also a huge wrestling fan. Decided to go out of his way and give myself a truly professional write up. If you wish to know more about me and my career, simply check it out HERE

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