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This past weekend saw me return to a very familiar stomping ground; Butlins, Skegness.

In my 8 year career I must have wrestled at Skegness more than anywhere in the UK. I would hazard a guess that Skeggy has the most frequent wrestling shows out of any town/city in the UK. With All-Star regularly being at the Butlins site there (usually twice a week during school holidays) as well as running the Embassy 4 times a year. In Addition to RDW who used to run the sun castle bar there. AS well as, Fantasy Island which has been host to plenty of wrestling over the years from various promotions. I find it hard to believe that anywhere else in the UK may have more wrestling. Skegness is a wrestling town!

My first run of Skegness was in 2009. Colossus, Matt Myers, Dara Diablo and my self, alongside Rich West; who was my manager at the time, used to make the trip each Sunday for RDW. The following year was my breakout year when I turned professional (made wrestling my full-time occupation) and I was there each Thursday and Saturday for All-Star. The point I’m making is that I have many fond memories of performing in Skegness, particularly at Butlins. It takes me back to that first summer run, New years celebrations, dreadful ring jobs and some outstanding matches and moments in wrestling. My first official match for All-Star was at this camp again my long time friend and mentor; Rampage Brown. Here I was five years later, introducing my first trainee to Skegness for his third appearance at Butlins.

My trainee being Ace Matthews. An outstanding, hard worker with a great future ahead of him. I’m not saying that from a biased point of view. As a trainer at NGW they are many lads I see come through the door, but in the past two years he has proven himself worthy of being capable enough for me to take him to any given promotion and I can trust he will do well.

We travelled down so far in my car and met up with HT Drake (a promising student from the North East NGW school) so we crammed into his car (forgot to mention Caz Crash and NGW official Adam Johnson, were also in the car) took a lovely scenic drive across the Lincolnshire country side; which in the autumn looked bloody beautiful.

Arrived, set the ring up and greeted Mal Mason (if you don’t know who he is, slap yourself now) and got set up in the Skegness skyline for the evening event. I was featured on last against Ace and Caz in three way. Unconventional for a camp show but simple enough. Ace did me proud and we entertained about 1,000 people. We tore the ring down and headed back to Hullywood. A very enjoyable day at a venue I am sure I will be returning to many times before the year is out.

This coming weekend you can find me in action down in Swindon for 4FW on Saturday evening and at the Liverpool Olympia for NGW on Sunday evening as I defend my NGW Championship against Mark Haskins.

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