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What a past couple of weeks it has been, due to life commitments it’s not often now that I get chance to go out on the road on a full time schedule like I used to so often when wrestling was my only source of income. However, with smart booking, wise use of holiday days and a few white lies; this blog is going to cover ten straight days of travelling, wrestling, drinking, training and laughing as this is the greatest insight into ‘The goings on of The Showstealer Nathan Cruz.’

The half term run began with me making the journey to Knutsford early Friday morning to meet my good friend Dean Allmark along with Cayden Lay, Rob Dynamite and El Excintrico (Finland).

From there we travelled to Basildon for the evenings show. It was great to be back on the All-Star team. It had been a fair old while since I had worked for Brian. Something that seems odd as I have been on pretty much every show of his since 2010. The team was all in high spirits, we had a photo shoot in which Xia Brookside and I created a cool little gimmick of ‘Britain’s most beautiful’ which has lead to a debut for us both at ICW! I opened the sold out event against Dean in; what is always, a very enjoyable and hard fought contest. The atmosphere was outstanding, the crowd were so responsive and into everything we did. We finished the night with the over the top rope ten man rumble which saw Dean extract his revenge on my self after my cheated victory earlier in the night (wrestling!)

From there the team separated into two groups. One for the camps and one for the towns. This saw my self head to minehead in the beast (7 seater car) for the holiday camp shows. With me was Justin Sysum (driver) AJ Anderson, Cayden Lay, Adrian Severe, Hakeem and Finland.

It was a great team to be away with. All of us young, hungry, focussed, hard working, fun and got along great.

Saturday was the evening Minehead show. Bullins have since invested a bit more man power into the presentation of the wrestling there; particularly at minehead. In fact they set up the similar set up to what WWE have when they perform in there. It was incredible to see and as a performer you couldn’t help but get excited. Joel Redman and myself were the final two in the over the top rumble. Due to the extra effort of the butlins staff, we made the final stretch of that rumble something special and I took it upon my self to create plenty of excitement within the match in regards to teasing my elimination and just being a crafty horrible heel.

That night I opened Cruz’s Casa © to the team and we stayed up until the early hours, drinking, laughing, talking about the job and getting to know each other a little more. It was a class night followed by a fun day Sunday morning of eating, training in the gym in minehead, eating again and then making the journey to Bognor for the evening show there on Sunday.

The show was the same as at Minehead only featured me in the roll of the babyface picking up the victory in the rumble. After I got out the ring, I quickly dried off, got changed, ran to Brian’s car and left Bognor at 21:30. Had a good chat with Brian about how well the business is doing at the moment and arrived back at Knutsford to pick up my car at 2:00. Bombed it back down the M62 to arrive at my house for 3:30 where I was then regrettably up and out the door by 7:30 for my day job. Despite being tired I left there at 4. Headed to a gym, got my shoulders trained and then took a very traitorous journey along some icy country roads to Bridlington, to compete at the Brid Spa, for Megaslam wrestling in what would be the 200th encounter between El Ligero and my self!. Ligero keeps a count of all of his matches (as do I. Check it out on my facebook notes page) including how many times he has competed against certain people. We used to do wrestle sometimes three times a day in the summer of 2011 against each other. 200 great matches though that have seen us both evolve, but more noticeably me grow from student to peer and us both become very good friends. It was a very nice moment to know that all of those 200 matches have been such a great time and have always delivered to the audience in attendance on the given event.

After that show was said and done, I headed home. Changed my clothes in my bag. Prepared some food and got some kip before waking the following morning at 8 ready to be on the road by 9 to then meet Rampage Brown and HT Drake at a junction just off the M62.

The four of us jumped in drakes Mitsubishi Warrior with our bags under a water proof canvas on the flat bed and off we went down to Hayes.

Again a great team and it was a fun atmosphere backstage. Met up with Gangrel who I had not seen in a couple years. Had a first time encounter with Charlie Garret which was an enjoyable match and had too much fun in the meet and greet with Dynamite and Xia (the latter pictured above with myself)

That night we all stayed at a near by Travel Lodge and in the morning had 6 of us crammed into the warrior to go find somewhere to get breakfast. Then back to the travel lodge to pick up our things and head off to Gravesend for the show there Wednesday evening.

It was announced on the All-Star page that day that the main event would be my self and Gangrel. I was very excited about this. Gangrel was someone who was a key character in one of the most exciting periods of wrestling as a young fan. In the past six years I have been fortunate enough to work alongside him and learn from him. So I was very eager to get in there and put on a class performance not only for the sold out Woodville hall, but also for Gangrel. Part of me also wanted to show how much I have evolved over the years in All-Star and I’m now ready to be in that main event slot. More frequently. Before the show Rampage and my self tracked down a gym and had a boss back and biceps session. It’s always fun training with Rampage as I still see him some what as a bigger brother and I’m trying to keep up him.

Before the show, Xia, Kay Lee, JD (James Drake) jumped in the ring and was fortunate enough to have Gangrel show us a few bits and pieces. I was loving this as Gangrel was also trained by Dean Malenko’s father and I am a massive punter for Dean Malenko’s work. Showed us all a few nice things, then we all stretched out, had a neck bridge challenge in which Xia won and then we headed to the back to get ready for the show. I was very happy with the match. I’m hoping to get the footage of it online soon. But the heat from the crowd was unreal; by the end we had them going ballistic. Kay Lee and Xia both were filing just the reaction as they could not believe how wild the place was. After the match I received some very kind words from James Mason in regards to the match. I don’t need to say much more when I say James Mason gave me praise. Anyone in the job should know how big that is.

That night we had an incident in getting the referee to the train station in time for his train which meant food was delayed. When Rampage and I get hungry it’s not good. Just two miserable Yorkshire lads who instantly hate everything unless it involves food. We got back to the travel lodge and a few of us stayed up having a drink, JD, Xia and I split a mammoth pizza and then we finally crashed out ready for the next day. We woke up early enough to go track down a place to get breakfast and then made the hour commute to Hastings. Flatliner was on the show that night which is always a great laugh, especially in winding up my trainee; Ace Matthews who had also joined the team. The team was pretty exhausted from the week of travelling and wrestling but we all still went out and put on a great show for the fans in attendance. I was in a tag match alongside James Mason up against Rampage and Gangrel. Rampage and I had too much fun in that match. Us both playing silly jokes on the referee and he purposefully slapping me when ever he could in the match, but in situations where it was difficult for me to throw anything back. Finally as we reach the end of the tag, James and I are whipped into each other, we link arms and swing right back around. As I do, I leather Rampage with a slap to his chest, one that got an ovation from the wrestlers watching in the wings (the ring was on the stage) the rest of the team said it may have been one of the funniest matches they had seen ever for all the wrong reasons.

That night we parted ways with the All-Star team. Bit gutting as we all had such a blast been away for the past week together however we had a long journey back up north. I arrived at my home at 5am, made some scrambled eggs, got about an hour and a half of sleep then had to be up to come to the day job. After trying my best to survive the day without passing out, I met up with my old road buddy; Colossus. The both of us then travelled to Middlesbrough for first class wrestling.

First class, put on a show that was just that. A great mix of family friendly entertainment but enough wrestling action from some top talent that it would satisfy regular punters. Colossus and I had yet another encounter, one of our best in my opinion, really enjoyed it. After that it was straight into the eight-man tag team survivor series rules match. Colossus and I came down to the final two in which I managed to pull out the victory to send the punters home happy.

From there we got our selves some food then headed back to Hullywood; I was fighting to keep my eyelids open when I arrived back at my car at midnight.

Thankfully that night I got to catch up on some sleep as I didn’t have to wake until 8:30 and that was only to do a radio interview for the show that night in stoke. Then I went right back to sleep until 10. Met up with my best pal Matt Myers and our favourite rube; Caz Crash and drove us to the Biddulph Valley leisure centre where NGW made their stoke-on-trent debut. The venue had a gym that they let us use which was boss and the staff were very accommodating. After the show they put out a spread of chicken bites and beer for us and were so happy with the quality of the show; but I’ll get back to what went on after the show.

My opponent that night was in the form of Jason Prime. A rookie that in his first year has achieved so much and is making waves across the UK. I was excited bout this match mainly because I see so much in Jay. He has so much potential and he is such a quality bloke, I wanted to showcase him the best I could and put on a class NGW title match. We both really did enjoy the match as did the audience in attendance. It was received with praise in the back from the lads and of course its criticism to help both Jay and my self develop. But I was very pleased with it.

That night I invited the team to my travel lodge for a drink. It was a night that may have got carried away thanks to the drunken antics of Matt Myers and the ring van driver (a trainee of the NGW academy) but it was none the less hysterical. We stayed up until 4am laughing and drinking despite the ring crew having to be up at 8! Rich Dunn (NGW promoter) was less than impressed with me the next day. That said, the team was there on time and was all in high spirits due to the fun they had the night before, so I think I escaped this one!

Sunday just gone was the final day for the half term run and was NGW’s TV taping at the Liverpool Olympia for their event; Destiny. The main event featured their annual 20 man over the top rope royal rumble rules match which saw Doug Williams make a surprise victory in his quest to have one last run at the major championship in British wrestling.

However that night I was making an unusual NGW alliance with Zack Gibson. Until now the both of us have been rivals at NGW but due to circumstances the stories have seen us walk a familiar path. We were up against the team of Rampage and Haskins. I don’t want to ruin this one as it is going to be on TV in a month or so. However I walked away ridiculously proud of this one. The story we managed to tell with four major characters, each with history. It’s why I love wrestling, seeing what stories can unfold when certain characters meet. It makes each bout exciting and different and this was no exception to that rule. Both Alex and Rich praised my story telling in particular and we was all so happy with how the match worked out. Rampage and my self were proud more so for the fact it was our twelfth match in ten days on top of a hectic travelling schedule, training in the gym and food been slightly messed up; yet we still put on probably our best performance that week.

You may think I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing but it was quite the opposite. I just didn’t want the week to end. I would have happily loaded up my car and gone to a camp site ready for the next day. However that was it for four days.

However this weekend will see me appear for Megaslam wrestling at Leeds town hall and then debut for ICW at the O2 academy in Liverpool, both in the same night! Saturday will have me helping out at the All-Star wrestling school and Sunday will be my return to Croydon for All-Star. Another weekend away that I am very much looking forward to. Who knows; this year may see the return of my full-time wrestling schedule!

Thanks for being patient and I apologise for the delay of this post but as you can see there was a lot to get through!

Don’t forget you can still enquire about bookings for this year and even next year as they are coming already and most of this year is looking pretty full. That said I still have a few available that I would like to fill up. Perhaps you want a mixed tag team? “Britain’s most beautiful” is ideal! Contact me at

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