The Goings On Of ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz

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Once again a fortnightly entry for my blog. Due to one thing or another I found it difficult to allocate the time to write an entry, so as I did with my last blog I shall be reviewing the past two weeks of ‘The Goings On Of the Showstealer Nathan Cruz.’

Last Saturday saw NGW return to the Pudsey Civic Hall for their first TV taping of the New Year. The show was sold out (like most Britwres shows these days) and in true NGW fashion featured some of the top stars from across the UK as well as the regular featured stars of BWW. The show was headlined by my self and Lionheart with me defending my NGW Championship. I was very excited about this one. Lionheart and I had competed recently at NGW towards the end of 2015 and I felt we had left room to deliver something a little more. With the title on the line that was a great opportunity for us to showcase our ability further more. I really enjoyed the match as far as what we did in the ring but also from the crowd in attendance. They were so easy to work with and their was also a family who have watched me compete at butlins over the Christmas season for the past 6 years. Flattering to hear that I am their favourite and they go to watch the wrestling just to see me. They all had Cruz face masks… it was serial and awesome at the same time. I made sure to make some time for them after the show.

The following week saw me return to Megaslam wrestling for Brad Flash. I had not appeared for Megaslam since 2009. Brad and I go way back to when I first started training. He was the guy who gave me my first bookings outside of the Humberside region and due to him I met El Ligero, who then took me under his wing, who then got me booked for All-Star, which lead me to meet Rampage who then took me under his wing and I grew from there. In short; it’s bizarre to think how different my life would have been if I never met Brad. So when we had a fall out in 2009 it was a bit rough. Being able to bridge the gap this past weekend and work for him was a pleasure. It was great to see how he has come on as a promoter. He follows the example of Dixon and puts on simple family friendly wrestling shows. Great entertainment, fun to work on and a great atmosphere. Ligero and I opened the show in which I WON! Yes believe it but Nathan Cruz picked up a victory over El Ligero. I think only 6 of our 200+ encounters have ended in this way. It was enjoyable minus a few health problems I was suffering with due to a virus that had me feeling like my heart was about to explode. Always fun to step in the ring against my old nemesis, close friend and tag team partner.

From their, I jumped out the ring, into my car and headed over to Beverly for the evening show which was NGW’s Proving Ground. If I haven’t mentioned before, Proving Ground are NGW’s academy shows to give trainees an opportunity in front of an audience and work with more experienced roster members such as ligero, Myers and myself. The show had my best pal Myers and me teaming up to take on the team of Jason Prime and Alexander Henry. The match wasn’t anything special. The combination of my health playing up that day arriving as the show was starting and both Jay and Alex being relatively green; meant that the match was solid but had its flaws. The fun part was that this wasn’t for TV, so gave a chance for Myers and my self to have some fun with the NGW referee Adam Johnson. The start of the match had the New Nation, wasting time on the outside refusing to get in the ring in an attempt to annoy Myers and me. So we of course try to get out of the ring to get at them in which the referee needs to hold us back. In true fashion I was all over the ring trying to get out. I then noticed that Adam was starting to get blown up… I nudge Myers “lets blow Adam up” we both then start darting around the ring like madmen, Adam trying frantically to hold us back. Both Myers and I have huge grins on our faces as Adam asks us to please stop. I love stupid stuff like that.

All in all an exhausting, worrying but fun Sunday that wrapped up a great fortnight of wrestling. I will once again be taking a week of absence next week as I am away for the half term run starting this weekend with All-Star Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Megaslam on Monday. All-Star again Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. First class on Friday and finally NGW Saturday, Sunday. So I will hopefully be returning with a lengthy blog of fun tales of being on the road, training in gyms, eating food and of course, wrestling. Until then, you stay classy…


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