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Reuniting with old friends is something that pretty much everyone on this planet can relate to. In this job, it’s something that happens quite frequently yet doesn’t lose its lustre. This weeks entry begins on Thursday, when I travelled to Newcastle to meet up with a few friends, one of which I had not seen in two years; Dash Wilder.

I first met Dash in 2012 when I he came over to work for Brian. Back then he was under the name ‘Steven Walters’. He and I didn’t see that much of each other that year as we was typically on separate runs over the summer, but on the occasion that we were in the same car or show, we hit it off really well. Walters has such a welcoming personality. It’s hard not to get along with him. On top of that he is an incredible in ring performer.

In the summer of 2013, Walters returned for another summer season. That year I was living at that digs in Birkenhead for the summer along with the rest of the team. That year was when he and I really became good friends. We would workout together, travel together, have some of the best matches either against each other or teaming together, go out drinking together. What I enjoyed most about his company was that he was always up for a good laugh but at the same time was very serious and passionate about the job as well as being able to have fun with what he was doing.

That summer we shared so many laughs and had some of my favourite matches to date. When he left at the end of the summer, I knew that he was going to get signed in the December tryouts in Florida. It was upsetting to say goodbye not knowing when I would see him again. He was and still is adamant that it will be at the performance centre in the not to distant future. We’ve stayed in touch over the past couple years and once the UK tour was announced, he was straight on organising meeting up with some of his old friends from the UK. Thursday; Rampage Brown and my self met up with Walters before the NXT show, I stayed around and enjoyed an excellent night of wrestling and then later Walters and I met up with Tony Spitfire; another close friend who I had not seen in about 6 months.

We had a good a catch up and met up with Robbie Brookside, who I had not seen since last year and who I had regrettably never had a drink with when I first joined the All-Star team back in 2010.

I love the fact that I got into this job to make my dreams come true and on the way I have been blessed with making so many great friends from all over the world, from all different walks of life. That night in Newcastle was a true example of that. I had a great time and hopefully it won’t be too long until I see Walters again.

On to Sunday where I was competing for Tidal Wrestling in Leeds. I’ve appeared for a few of Tidal’s events but due to one thing or another I have not been as frequent as Ian would like to have me there. That said, it was a fun night. The changing room was full of great people who I had a good laugh with. First time competing against Damian Dunn, and I really enjoyed getting in there with him. The audience was very weird, in that I didn’t quite know how to take them. They were almost like a Japanese crowd that spectate, but then would periodically break out into random chants. They weren’t that fussed about moves unless it was a certain move they had not seen before. If I had more experience in front of them I may have tackled the match with more of a camp show approach as it was those kind of moments in the match that got the best reactions.

All in all though I enjoyed the night. Kirby is someone I can’t say enough good things about being around or in the ring with him. HT Drake is one of Rampages finest students. And I had a blast doing what I love.

One of the fans tweeted after the show that I “embody everything about professional wrestling” …not one to blow my own horn (honestly) but that may be the best compliment I have ever received. As everyone knows, I pride my self on being a pro. For that to get recognition, was a big deal to me.

So yeah, another great week having fun, making memories and living a dream!
Thank you to all those who have been contacting me via Twitter about how much you have enjoyed reading these blogs. Outside of performance, writing is something I truly enjoy doing. And if you enjoy reading, then it makes it much easier to find the time to put these together each week.

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