The Future of Ring of Honor

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Ring of Honor has consistently been one of the best wrestling promotions in the world. They are constantly climbing the ladder of success with no plans of slipping. Under the Sinclair Broadcast Group and the President of Ring of Honor, ROH is looking to work their way to the top of the totem pole of professional wrestling.

One of the faces of Ring of Honor is “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen. Kevin Steen has been with ROH for many years now and although he’s had his ups and his downs with the company, he still thinks of Ring of Honor as his home. Steen has been Ring of Honor’s World Champ and even one-half of ROH’s Tag Team Champions with El Generico, now WWE NXT superstar Sami Zayn. Steen has accomplished all there is to accomplish with Ring of Honor and his future with the company seems to be in jeopardy.

On May 17th 2014 at War of the Worlds, one of the two super shows between Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, Steen lost to Japanese pro wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura and cut a promo at the end of the match. Steen’s promo was interrupted by ROH wrestler Silas Young but not before giving every Kevin Steen fan in the world a heart attack. During the promo, Steen stated that he loved Ring of Honor but hasn’t been feeling at home since losing the title. He said that he was going “home”. Although Steen never got the chance to fully explain his departure and whether or not he’d be coming back due to the interruption of Silas Young, plenty of wrestling fans are drawing their own conclusions to the promo.

Many people, including myself, believe that this is Kevin Steen’s final run with Ring of Honor. His contract reportedly expires this summer and there have been plenty of rumors stirring about Kevin Steen’s future in WWE. Steen was a part of a recent WWE tryout camp along with a few other independent wrestlers. Officials liked what they saw from Steen and he was apparently offered a developmental contract with WWE. There has been no news on whether or not Steen will sign the contract, however I can’t think of why he wouldn’t sign with WWE. He has accomplished so much in the independent wrestling world and with a family to support and bills to pay, Steen might be looking to take his career to a new level of higher pay and more goals to reach. Steen will face Silas Young at the first ever Ring of Honor PPV “Best in the World” on June 22nd and it could possibly be his last hoorah with the company.

If Steen leaves Ring of Honor, there will be a huge spot to fill with the company. ROH may need to bring in more talent along with pushing many of the wrestlers they have now into bigger roles. We are already seeing professional wrestler Michael Elgin being given the chance of a lifetime to face ROH World Champion Adam Cole for the title at the “Best in the World” PPV on June 22nd. Ring of Honor seems to like Michael Elgin and so do the fans. With his great in ring abilities, his passion for wrestling, and his possibility of becoming the new Ring of Honor World Champion, he would be a great guy to put into a steady main event spot.

More big news from Ring of Honor is the announcement of the return of Christopher Daniels, a former Ring of Honor wrestler who spent around a decade with pro wrestling company TNA, and his tag team partner in Bad Influence, Frankie Kazarian. Although Kazarian was not directly announced as a signing to Ring of Honor, it was implied that Daniels was bringing Kazarian with him to ROH. Bad Influence will be a great addition to Ring of Honor’s tag team division and their experience in professional wrestling will definitely provide great assistance to the young wrestlers in ROH and the company as a whole.

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