My Final Weekend Of 2017

Added by Alex Cupid


First of all Happy New Year and I hope y’all had a pleasurable Christmas!

I’ll get right down to business as my final weekend of wrestling featured 3 matches (one a rumble but I’ll take it!)

You know what that means?

Ya boy Alex Cupid wrestled grand total of 70 matches!

Around 58 singles/other matches and a few with Dillion D’Angelo as Never Say Die.

So our first match of the weekend (69th) came unexpectedly, I showed up to Lancing near Brighton (home of Riptide) expecting to watch the likes Darrell Allen and Oisin Delaney scrap for a raucous crowd.

Instead due to a last minute pull out… I went one on one with Wrestling Veteren Rhisi Ghosh! My first ever rounds match aswell! Stupidly happy with it aswell!

So much exclamation. Much excite.

Mega pop for the PROGRESS fans and Thomas from Riptide for popping down, pleasure bumping into you lot!

Humongous pop for Mr Freemantle who decided to have me come out to Summer of 69′.

Rishi Ghosh.

You’re wicked. Thank you.

Now our travels take us to Leighton Buzzard home of Sacrifce Pro Wrestling!

An amazing promotion ran by amazing people.

Our opponents Los Palaminos are amazing too! Unfortunately illness struck a Tivy Lee so the match was cut much shorter than anticipated, that being said….I’m now looking forward to scrapping with those to again!

Dillion, Big T Justice and I enjoyed a Nandos and that brought a calming end to a crazy weekend.

This year has been fantastic for me. I demonstrated skills and traits that I didn’t even know I had.

I’ve made some wicked friends towards the tail end of the year aswell (Hi Emmy!) and progressed some older ones too.

Most importantly I can look in the mirror and say I bounced back.

I was the guy that tried to end it all, now I’m the guy who wants it all.


Much Love.