The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA (Part 5)

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This is the last edition of The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA, and it’s gonna be a bit of a doozy. I’m going to take a look at The Unluckiest Season, Season 13 of CHIKARA, and I will try to keep it from being too lengthy. Thankfully, CHIKARA has released some videos in the past week that covers certain things, so I’m going to drop links to those as I go. I hope you enjoy this timeline, and thanks for reading The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA!

Aniversario: Never Compromise & Fallout (June 2, 2013 and the weeks after)

Show is shut down during the main event, when it seems Icarus would win the Grand Championship from Eddie Kingston. All events after are canceled, and everything about CHIKARA goes into radio silence. Various physical assets of CHIKARA are put into a silent auction, including the Campeonatos de Parejas.

“My CHIKARA Thoughts” and Icarus’ Statement (July 1, 2013/July 8, 2013)


As people began to reminisce on their memories of CHIKARA, a startling statement was given by the man who fought in the Aniversario main event, Icarus that ends as follows:

“On my calendar July 20th is marked “Easton, PA.” That’s where my family was supposed to be that day. And I do not accept this fate. If Easton is where CHIKARA was supposed to be, then that’s where I’ll be. The Palmer Center. 7:00 pm.

I am CHIKARA. Are You?

Easton Rally (July 20, 2013)

Icarus is greeted by some of the loyal CHIKARA fans at the Palmer Center, and presents to them a petition to save CHIKARA and shirts that read “I AM CHIKARA.”

In the months that followed, there was a LOT that followed. In the interest of time and space, I’m going to make shorthand bullet points and drop links to related media (articles, videos, etc.)…


  • “Save CHIKARA” (August 23, 2013): A “petition” was created online, but it was revealed that Icarus’ original 101 account was hacked, and said petition was a trap by Condor Security.
  • Philly Art Museum rally (September 14, 2013): Icarus met with fans at the steps beside the Rocky statue, continue to drum up support and leaving a cryptic sign behind.
  • Formation of the Hellenic Air Force (September 27, 2013): a secret group on the 101 forums that was dedicated to spreading the word of CHIKARA in the dark times that followed its closing. Joining the group gave early access to voicemails from various CHIKARA wrestlers and staff leading up to…
  • FDR Rally (November 2, 2013): …a guerrilla style wrestling event, complete with a trios match in a wrestling ring. Ends with a fan(?) named Thom being kidnapped by Condor security. A video was then released showing that CHIKARA fans were to come back to the FDR park at the end of the month…
  • Scavenger Hunt “The Hunt for Thom” (): …in one of the most unique promotional events ever, the “CHIKArmed Forces” came together through those present and those helping online, to gather clues and discover the truth: Titor’s plans for a training center in Easton. They were able to rescue Thom, and shortly thereafter enjoyed bowling. Everything’s better when it ends with bowling. In the days after this event, Titor sold their remaining assets of CHIKARA and seemed to disappear.

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As we gear up for the beginning of Season 14, I hope you were able to enjoy a look at some of what makes CHIKARA so unique, and what I personally enjoy about it: the storytelling, both in and out of the ring. Be sure to give their iPPV a watch this Sunday at 3PM Eastern Time (which I believe is 7 or 8PM in UK time) by going to! I will be continuing to write for The Indy Corner on the subject of CHIKARA, and will let you know via Twitter (@Power2TheSmarks) what the plan is going forward. I may or may not be around much during the summer, but will definitely pick things back up after August 15, so stay tuned…same CHIKARA time, same CHIKARA channel!

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