The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA (Part 2)

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Note: this week’s article is meant to give an account of the “Aniversario: Never Compromise” iPPV and immediate aftermath. The characters named in this article will be explained in better detail next week. Enjoy!

On June 2, 2013, CHIKARA held their annual Aniversario event for the first time on iPPV. The show, subtitled “Never Compromise,” featured such great matches as the insane Sarcophagus Match between Amasis and Ophidian of the Osirian Portal and the battle between the Spectral Envoy and the Colony Xtreme Force. The main event saw Eddie Kingston defending the Grand Championship he won at “High Noon” in November 2011 against Icarus, leader of the rudo F.I.S.T. stable. Both men were part of the first class of Wrestle Factory graduates, so there was a lot of history leading up to the match. The match itself was spectacular, telling an awesome story in and out of the ring as CHIKARA only can: the crowd slowly favoring the rudo Icarus over the technico Kingston, the empty chair reserved for Icarus’ guest Marty Jannetty, and Icarus locking Kingston in the CHIKARA Special, a submission move taught primarily to technicos and the subject of a major angle back in 2007.

It was during this moment, as Kingston looked in trouble, when everything turned into chaos. A run in by members of Condor Security, who had been brought in by Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur, ended the match abruptly by attacking Icarus. Moments later, Wink directed the show to be shut down as Condor agents essentially forced the live crowd out of the building. In the meantime, the iPPV feed cut to black after the final sight of Archibald Peck, a man who found himself involved with some of the big angles leading up to the show. The day after A:NC, all was quiet on the CHIKARA front aside from the cancelling of the remainder of the year’s shows. The chaos from the show spread like wildfire, with fans divided on whether this angle was a brilliant or horrible move on the part of the promotion.
From a personal standpoint, I was a bit torn on how I felt. On the one hand, storytelling like this was the very reason I got into CHIKARA in the first place. On the other hand, I was disappointed that the Southern California shows planned for November of that year were cancelled. Like others who were looking forward to the CHIKARA Caravan dropping by their hometown, the best I could do was hope the end of this storyline (assuming it was a storyline) would bring back shows in these new areas.

The silence continued through the month of June, until a thread on the CHIKARA 101 forums gave way to a message from Icarus that called for fans and friends to rally together; thus began the #IAmCHIKARA movement. Along with this was the debut of a video on the Wrestling Is channel on YouTube. The video, titled “Ashes – Prelude,” recounted the story of the Wrestle Factory’s opening. The #IAmCHIKARA movement and “Ashes” videos will be discussed in future articles.

Stay tuned for the next edition of The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA…same CHIKARA time, same CHIKARA channel!

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