The Current State of Ring of Honor

Added by David Wright

Ring of Honor has been changing a lot lately. Many fans will contest that it is far from what it used to be and that the “glory days” of ROH are firmly in the past, but the future can always surprise us. Over the last 4 years in particular, Ring of Honor has lost its top stars to big money contracts. Nowadays, the company doesn’t have the same popularity it once did. Yes, ROH and NJPW put on their G1 Supercard show which sold out Madison Square Garden, but Ring of Honor’s portion of the show was underwhelming. Many critics claimed that ROH brought the quality of the show down while New Japan’s matches were really good. In 2019, the turnout at their other shows was record low with some tapings having less than 300 fans in attendance.

One of the main issues fans have with the company in it’s current state is the booking. ROH had relied too heavily on the Bullet Club stars for a long time which meant that they weren’t building up new main event level talent. Names like Keith Lee, Donovan Dijak and Cedric Alexander weren’t built up enough to take over when the Bullet Club finally left ROH. This left a lot of stars that could have been main eventers unhappy and so they left the company. Many of these have been allowed to shine in other promotions, especially in NXT. The current ROH roster isn’t as deep as it used to be and the lack of big names should be a concern to the company in it’s current state.

Now to the changes that ROH have been making recently. Delirious has been the head booker for ROH since late 2010 and he has been heavily criticised for not booking certain superstars correctly or his lack of character development storylines. Marty Scurll resigned with the company after large speculation that he would leave for AEW. As part of his new contract, Scurll has taken on lead booking duties for ROH. It was reported that Delirious will still remain with the company in a creative capacity although Scurll is the official head booker. The two of them shall be working together moving forward. Scurll has already made a noticeable change to ROH by hyping his match with Nick Aldis by planting the seeds for a future partnership with NWA. It will be very interesting to see where that goes.

Ring of Honor also made another big change backstage when long time booker for the Women of Honor division, Bully Ray was replaced by Jonathan Gresham. Gresham took this position in mid January and will oversee the tryouts for the Women of Honor division at the end of March. He also plans to revamp the division for the better.

The Supercard of Honor show over Wrestlemania was announced recently and the show is looking very promising. ROH is definitely making use of its relationship with NJPW as many of the talent announced so far is under contract there. So far the superstars set to appear at the show are Jay White, Dragon Lee, Marty Scurll, El Phantasmo, Will Ospreay, Slex, Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, Kenta, Rush, PCO, Taiji Ishimori, Mark Haskins, PJ Black, Rocky Romero, Amazing Red and Nick Aldis. As you can see, the card looks like it will be absolutely stacked and this show could be a highlight of Wrestlemania weekend. We will all just have to see where Ring of Honor goes from here, but with the current wrestling landscape, anything can happen.