The 4 UK Indy Wrestlers Who Will Takeover in 2015

Added by Geraint Lewis

Flash Morgan Webster

I first saw Morgan Webster (@Flash_Morgan) live at FPW School’s In 2 this year and then again at Progress Chapter 15 where he advanced to the Final of the Natural Progression series and although he has been on the scene since 2010 I feel his about to take the UK independent scene by storm in 2015. Displaying both impressive aerial offence, perfectly sound technical wrestling and a uniquely British Mod look he had the crowd eating out his hand by the end of the matches I had seen him in and following his year in Pro Wrestling Chaos online I must say they are ahead of the curve putting their stock in Flash Morgan Webster. If you haven’t seen his ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ promo then I suggest you do so right now don’t worry I’ll wait here while you watch it…see what I mean!


Tyler Bate

The mustachio Tyler Bate really came into his own towards the end of the year with a series of great matches against Martin Kirby, Joseph Connors and Chris Hero who said on Twitter ‘@Wrestling fans… Promoters… This kid (@Tyler_Bate) is legit. Had to damn near kill him tonight @SouthsideWE See ya next time, ‘Tash.’ A sentiment which I know a lot of fans agree on as for someone his size he has such impressive strength and really offers a lot of variety in the ring as well as really standing out from the crowd. I recommend also checking out his tag team work with Dan Moloney as The Young Wolves as well as his matches with Southside Wrestling this year.


Chris Brookes

Every so often you can look at someone and tell they are going to be a star and for me Chris Brookes (@ObeyBrookes) has that and more and Fight Club Pro seem to agree with Brookes winning the Infinity 2014 Tournament which featured a great deal of British talent. If you are unfamiliar with Chris Brookes check out his tag team work with Johnathan Gresham in Calamari Catch Kings as well as his great match with Zack Sabre Jr at Fight Club Pro International Tekkers 2014. Trained by The Hunter Brothers he can really deliver in the ring and has some great merchandise with a unique look and style to it which to me really goes far in selling yourself as an identifiable look.


Joseph Conners

Whilst most UK Indy wrestling fans will be familiar with Joseph Connors (@JosephConners) it has really been this year he has shined and shown what he can do with a new Righteous persona and what was arguably the rivalry of the year with former The Predators tag team partner Paul Malen for Southside Wrestling which delivered match after match which included a chain match and a First Blood match but it’s also in the ring where Connors has shined showing a psychological style of wearing down opponents and cutting some great promo’s and with the announcement of Jimmy Havoc as the first member of The Righteous Army I look forward to seeing what’s ahead in 2015 for Joseph Connors.

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